A Reminder

I started this blog site without knowing what I would possibly write about. Today I received inspiration.

Sometimes we are shown that there is something greater at work in our lives, and if you are lucky, you notice the message when it is presented. Today I had one of those wondrous moments.

While walking across campus where I work, I had a lot on my mind and was feeling a little stressed. In moments like this, I like to share my concerns with God and ask for assistance. Yes I am sure people were saying, “that crazy lady is talking to herself.” Anyway, after sharing my thoughts with the spiritual world, I continued onto my errands while continuing to contemplate everything silently to myself. I was walking down a wide sidewalk that narrowed into a single-person sidewalk for just a couple feet, and as I got closer to the narrow part of the sidewalk, I paused to let an elderly looking man pass through the space before me. As he did, he smiled and nodded at me. I continued on when it hit me. This man, although a little shorter, looked very similar to my dear Grandpa Clement. But wait….wasn’t it this month nine years ago when Grandpa Clement passed away? Oh my….yes, nine years ago TODAY on July 1, 2001, my Grandpa Clement joined his wife, Grannie Virginia, on the other side.

This is not the first time I have had such an experience. About eight or nine years ago, the very same thing happened with my Grannie Virginia on October 30th, the anniversary of her death. At work I noticed a woman that looked very much like her, except her nose was different. Ironically, this fits. When my dear Grannie died of cancer, she lost a tremendous amount of weight. At the funeral, as she lay in her coffin, she looked like the healthy grandma we all knew and loved, however, her nose didn’t look right. It had lost the little “ball” on the tip that seems to run through our family genes. In the end, Grannie looked slightly different than we knew her, and so did this woman. Similarly, the man I passed today was shorter than my Grandpa had been, but in his last years, my Grandpa had become feeble and no longer stood as tall and straight as he once had.

I believe in the moment, as I passed this lovely man today, my dear Grandpa, or perhaps God, sent me a message. I think I was given a reminder that there is something greater at work and I was being told that “we have it covered”. Yes I still have some anxiety on some possible changes that may be starting to form in my life, but perhaps I do not need to worry so much about the outcome.

I feel truly blessed and I am thankful to God, and all my loved ones on the Other Side, for seeing my family through our day to day struggles on Earth. I love them all and miss them so much. I cannot wait until we are reunited again. Until then, I am a little more content knowing they are all with me, and I know that whatever takes place in the future, is meant to be.


3 comments on “A Reminder

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  2. This brought back the memory of when we laid my mom to rest. Cancer had devastated her body. The days before her passing were so hard to watch. Yet when I saw her laid out in her dress and light make-up she was the mom I remembered from all those years before. Well written Kris.

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