The First Messages

I am not a religious person, because organized religion was created by men, and all the religions of the world seem to contradict each other.  If any one religion is right, then that would mean the rest are all wrong. How do you choose? I choose not to choose. However, I am a spiritual person.  I believe in God, no matter what name you choose to use.  I believe everything that happens does happen for a reason and is part of a larger plan. I also believe in Karma.

I must note that I do not push my beliefs on anyone.  You are free to see the world as you choose.  I do, however, ask that you also respect my choice in the way I choose to live my life.

I believe in psychics. I do acknowledge there are some frauds out there; however, I am certain there are some genuine people out there that have been blessed with a gift of being able to live in this world while being able to converse with the Other Side. I also acknowledge no psychic can be 100% correct.  I do not know exactly when I became convinced of “life on the other side”. Sure I’ve always believed in Heaven, but somewhere in time it became more than just a childish fantasy of angels living on clouds.

My first spiritual experience came when my beloved Grannie Virginia died. I was pregnant with my first child, who was to also be named Virginia. I was hurt that God had taken my Grannie from Earth before my chid had gotten to know for herself the woman I loved so dearly. After the funeral, all my close female family members and I were sitting in my Grannie’s living room reminiscing about her, when a very strong, floral smell seemed to “circle” the room. One by one we each smelled the aroma as it seemingly passed by each one of us, then moved on to the next person. It couldn’t have the been perfume of a passerby, because no one was walking through the room. We were all sitting in our own spots and as one would smell the scent and then say, “oh it’s gone”….the next one of us would smell it. When it came to me, I felt as if the scent had lingered for a while. A blessing. For I believe my beloved Grannie Virginia was “meeting” my baby Virginia as she lay snuggled safely in the womb. My Virginia may never remember meeting her Great-Grannie, but in that moment, she was blessed with having met one of the most wonderful women in my world; and my Grannie got to meet the baby being named after her.

I never forgot the feeling I had that day.  The birth of my children prompted me to continue to seek out the spiritual.  Five and a half years later, my mom introduced me to Sylvia Browne books. Up until this point, I still could not choose a religion that felt right to me.  It seemed every one of them had flaws.  When I read Sylvia Browne’s books regarding life on the Other Side, they felt right.  I felt as if I had been reminded of something I already learned but had forgotten.  Intrigued by Sylvia Browne’s abilities, my mom and I went to see her on tour with John Holland (It was on my mom’s birthday in 2006).  Near the end of the show, John Holland would send messages to the audience.  He said he had someone “pushy” insisting that he send a message.  (My Grannie could be quite pushy when she needed to be.).  He pointed to our section of the audience, but slightly away from us (where we almost sat), and said that there was someone in this section they wanted to talk to that was wearing blue and was there with her daughter.  A woman spoke up and said that was her, and she was with her daughter-in-law.  He then said it was her birthday, but the woman said no, it was not.  John said that “Mom wanted to wish you a happy birthday.”  Then we knew the message was really for my Mom; she was there with her daughter, she was wearing blue, and it was her birthday.  He proceeded to say that [Grannie] knew [Mom] gave up a very good career to take care of her and dad.  That is when John said, “oh, both of your parents have passed”.  That comment was the ONLY one that the woman he was talking to acknowledged was correct — that both of her parents had died; not the birthday, not the career, not taking care of her folks.  He also said that by being told it was okay to go on it made it easier for them both to pass on.  I believe my Grannie Virginia was once again trying to relay a message.  After all, all the details fit.  Grannie’s message came through to us, even if it was mistakenly delivered to the wrong recipient.  The message was to let my mom know that what she did was greatly appreciated.  I so wish I had written this down when it took place, because the details now escape me; however, my Mom was so touched by the message that she remembers the details and helped me to fill them in.  Mom and I were there.  We received the message.


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