So I wrote my first blog, and my brother tells me to quit doing drugs. Thanks bro. That email comment hurt. But then, it was in an email and didn’t have the expression that comes when you see a person face to face. Emails lack emotion, facial expression, tone of voice. My brother wouldn’t ever hurt me, but he would harass me like brothers so lovingly do.  So why was I so quick to react hurtfully to words on a screen?  Oh human emotions.

The truth is all humans are so very much alike.  We all want to be accepted.  We all hurt when we aren’t.  We all want to be loved in some way.  We all get our hearts broken.  We all want some form of loyalty in our lives; whether it comes from a good friend or a significant other.  Yet we all get disappointed.  We want freedom to be who we want to be – unique individuals.  Yet we also strive to be like those we admire.  Who do I admire?  That’s a tough question…yet an easy one.  I admire my family.  I have a wonderful family, and they are all so special in so many ways. They are all very generous people, and they inspire me to be who I am.

My dear loving brother –  He is a police officer, so he has to be hard.  Yet he is such a loving and caring family man.   He is gentle, yet firm, with his children.  He joined the Reserves after 15 years of being a police officer so that he could fulfill a life-long dream, protecting the country he loves, while providing additional support for his beautiful family so that his wife doesn’t have to leave their wonderful children in the care of others to join the grueling day-to-day humdrum of existence that so many others view as misery.  His two careers put his life on the line in a major way.  He’s pretty darn special if you ask me.  I love you bro.

My husband’s sister –  She has more children that anyone I know.  Some are hers.  Some are her husband’s.  Some, well some she has “adopted” into her family over time.  She has a very loving spirit.  She will take in any person or any animal in need.  Her generosity hasn’t always lead her down an easy path, and her patience has been tested time and time again, yet she always comes out on top.  She is the first truly out-spoken individual I met in my life.  A trait that scared and shocked me at first, but over time I admired her openness to a point that I picked up the habit of speaking my own mind.  She is a wonderful and caring person, and a remarkable “mother” to all.  I love you sis.

My mother and father-in-law – Well they did raise my wonderful husband and his beautiful sister.  Both had to learn these traits from somewhere.  I’m going for  the obvious. 😉

My parents – Well I could write a book on my parents.  After all, they were the most influential people in the first 20 years of my life.  My dad would give you “his left arm” if he could, and my mom has got to be the most patient person I have ever met in my life.  I couldn’t have asked for a more gentle and understanding role model in my life.  Over the course of my life, my parents have also taken in several people in need.  But none of those times have compared to their current situation.  You see, I have a cousin that is having some difficult times of her own.  She is single with several children.  Sadly her children have been sent to foster homes while she works out her troubles.  All except two that is.  My parents have taken in her 11-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son.  My parents have become the legal guardians of these two children.  It has been 18 years since my parents have been “parents”.  30 years since they parented children of these ages.  All the parents out there know that parenthood is not easy.  My own children are the same ages, so I know some of the issues they are now being confronted with. Now throw in the fact that children enter rebellious stages as they approach puberty.  Yet they have lovingly opened their arms and their home to make sure two of life’s youngest participants are not negatively impacted by their circumstances at such impressionable ages. Simply remarkable. I am so proud of my parents. Would we do the same if given the circumstances? My husband says probably not. I would like to think that I would. No, I know I would. How can I be surrounded by so many generous and loving people that I look up to and not have some form of it rub off?

I could go on about these remarkable people in my life but this is a blog and not a book. Perhaps I will write more on them again. I hope nothing I have written upsets any of them. I write out of the love and respect I feel for them and how proud I am to call each one of them my family. If loving my family means I’m on drugs. Then call me a drug addict. I will be waiting for the next brotherly jab I get, because I know that means I’m accepted in this special group. 😉


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