Klara’s Spirit Guide – Anna

I believe in spirit guides.  Some people refer to them as guardian angels.  No matter what you call them, they are sent by God to help us and guide us.

Following my intrigue on the spirit world, I recently attended a “Galactic Expo”.  My mom attends these things all the time and asks about me and my family.  I wanted to get a first-hand reading myself.  So on one rainy Sunday afternoon, I packed up the spouse and kids and we went to see what it was all about.

While we were browsing the aisles of psychics and various other vendors offering their merchandise, a young man stopped me and asked if he could speak to my daughter Klara.  Of course he could.  I would accept any free readings or messages that would happen to come our way.  He proceeded to tell her that she had a very strong spirit guide named Anna who was watching out for her.  He is so right.  Let me tell you about some of Klara’s spiritual moments…from a mom perspective that is.

The Dream One night when Klara was a baby, she was laying in bed with me.  We were both asleep, and I had a dream that she fell out of the bed.  It startled me awake, and when it did, Klara started to roll….out of the bed.  I reached out and caught her just in time.  If I would have slept thru that, she would have fallen, and give her position on the bed, she would have hit her head on the nightstand in the course of the fall.  Mishap prevented.  Thank you Anna.

The Snake Living in Georgia near a swampy area can pose some risks.  One day as I went out to get the mail, two little children followed.  Virginia & Klara of course.  Virginia walked out to the mailbox with me.  Klara stood by the front door and yelled. “Look at the snake!”  I turned to see a snake coiled up next to the front door right beside her.  I yelled for her and she came to me.  I then proceeded to call the police (the local version of animal control).  The officers that arrived told me that I had a baby timber rattlesnake.  Apparently the babies are more poisonous than the mothers.  They took care of it for me and warned me to watch for the mother, who we never saw…thankfully.  Thank you again Anna for keeping my baby from being bit.

The Pool The girls and I were invited to a party, where several people were in attendance.  The host had a pool and all the children present were taking full advantage of it.  First going from the pool, then to the hot tub, then back to the pool.  At one point, all the children were in the hot tub and only Klara and the host’s soon-to-be son-in-law were in the pool.  (He was swimming with her her, because Mommy doesn’t swim much.)  Klara decided to get out of the pool, and her companion swam to the other side of the pool.  Most of the party was out front, except for those that I mentioned, myself, and the host’s daughter.  As Klara ran to the house, I turned around to pick up an empty can.  Just that fast, I heard a splash and a gasp.  I turned around to see my baby sinking to the bottom of the pool.  Just as in the movies, time really does have a way of slowing way down beyond comprehension.  My feet couldn’t move fast enough, my baby was going to drown.  As fate would have it, time remained constant for Klara’s swimming companion.  He cut through the water in the pool as swiftly as air and was scooping her up and out of the pool before I had moved two feet.  She came up wide-eyed and oblivious to the danger she was just in.  She didn’t even let out a cough…she had held breath.  Apparently in the moment I turned around to pick up that can, she had chosen to run back to the pool, tripped and fell in.  Anna had it under control again.

All three of the above incidents took place within a couple months of each other.  Klara was  only two years old.  A few years would pass, and Klara wouldn’t see any other critical moments until she was five.  We had family visiting us and we were preparing for a day at the zoo.  Kids were going in and out of the house.  I finally called them in to get sprayed with bug repellent.  All came, except Klara.  Several calls yielded no response.  All adults took off out the front door and up the streets calling out to her.  In the end, it would be Uncle Dave that would find her walking down the road with a car slowly paralleling her.  The driver told Dave that she looked lost and they were going to help her get home.  Klara had refused to get in the car.

Apparently as the kids were running in and out of the house, sometimes going up the street to the park, Klara had decided she wanted to go with them to the park, not realizing they were in the house.  She went on her own.  There is no way to know if the driver’s intentions were pure.  Thankfully we will never have to know.  God bless that child for being so wise by not getting in that car and/or Anna for telling her not to.  We had a wonderful day at the zoo; a day that could have ended up being the worst day of my life.

Thank you God. Thank you Anna.


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