Life, Love and Loyalty

I am almost 40, and I find myself wanting a tattoo.  Why you may ask?  That’s a deep question.  I have never seen myself as a person that would get a tattoo.  I have several friends with tattoos, and I have never felt the desire to get one.  In fact, if you had asked me five or ten years ago, or even one year ago, I would have told you that there isn’t anything with enough meaning to me to have it permanently placed on my body.  Not until now that is.

You see, I met a totally awesome woman.  She is beautiful, bold, adventurous, and a single mother of four.  She has several tattoos.  They are all very tasteful , and the ones that are visible look really good. They add a certain mystery and charm that makes a person say, “I want to know her.”  Is this the reason I want a tattoo now?  Not really.  It started when I saw the tattoo on the top of her foot – beautiful and colorful stars surrounded by musical notes.  The stars symbolize her children.  HER CHILDREN!  OMG — That’s it!  I want to show the world what is most important to me; even if it does end up being somewhere where no one will see it unless I want them too.

So what is most important to me?  First let me describe the tattoo I want.  It is an ankh that builds up into a heart that has a ring encircled in it.  On both sides of the design are the letters “V” and “K”.  The meaning?  Life, Love and Loyalty.

LIFE – The Ankh is a symbol consisting of a cross with a loop for the top extension and a shorter crossbar, used in ancient Egypt to signify life; life that was given to me by THE most important being in the universe — GOD.  I do not have to be an overly religious person to respect the fact that God is my creator; my protector.

LOVE – The heart obviously stands for love.  We all need love in our lives.  Whether it comes from our parents when we are children, our friends, our significant others, or our own children, love makes living worthwhile.  Love is important in my life.

LOYALTY – The ring represents loyalty.  Loyalty is important to me; not just in marriage, but in all my relationships.  If I feel we have a bond, a close friendship, or a commitment of sorts, I am extremely loyal.  In exchange, I expect those people that I open my heart to to also be loyal to me.  When it is reciprocated, I will do anything for you.  When it is broken, my loyalty is broken as well.  Be warned.

V & K – First, and most obviously, the V and the K stand for my children – Virginia and Klara – whom I simply adore.  They will always have my life, love and loyalty.  But the V and the K also stand for the two most important women that have graced my life:  V for my beloved Grannie Virginia and K for the most wonderful mother in the world – my mom, Kathy.

So why on Earth would I ever want to get a tattoo?  I want this tattoo, because I have finally matured to a point in my life that I know what is important, what is worth sacrificing for, and what I want to show the world.  I am sure when my family reads this post, they will ridicule me.  They will say  I am crazy and just having a mid-life crisis.  Will I get this tattoo?  Possibly…if I don’t chicken out at the idea of the pain.

**Update** – I did get my tattoo.  You can read about it here.


7 comments on “Life, Love and Loyalty

  1. This post really speaks to me. I have often thought of getting a tattoo but could not think of anything that I would want to look at for the rest of my life. I have recently been thinking of getting a wrist tattoo. Not sure of what yet, but something to symbolize my children. Since I have four kids I might need a tat on both wrists! Anyway, came across your post and it was like “stop reading my mind???” Seriously, really enjoyed the post.

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  4. Well I am 40 and have been through a lot but love and loyalty means everything to me and today I woke up and got the same tatoo and ran across your article and this has given me strength like never before and the meaning is so me .

  5. Thank you for explaining this. I have been searching for the meaning of this tattoo and couldn’t find it anywhere but here. Thanks a lot!

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