The Tattoo Conversation

So even though I am thinking of getting a tattoo, I am still a mother and want to instill good values in my children.  Precisely, I do not want them running out at 18 and getting some idiotic tattoos just because they appear cool.  I would rather they give anything they do to their bodies a lot of time and thought.  After all, it is permanent.

My 10-year-old, Virginia, is too smart for her own good.  This can be a blessing…or a curse.  While she can be oblivious to the fact that you are talking to her; forcing you to repeat yourself numerous times, the moment you do not want her to hear your conversation, there she is.  So I am discussing tattoos with my husband, in the presence of my daughter.  She has her mp3 player blaring in her ears, so I should be safe.  But almost as if drawn by a magnet, she sees mommy’s lips moving….going to talk to daddy.  She must have this innate sense that if mommy’s lips are moving in daddy’s direction, this conversation may be good and worth hearing.  I suppose that is the moment her mp3 player mute button was pushed, and she pipes up, “YOU want a tattoo?  They’re permanent you know.”  Fabulous.  Yes, I answer I know.  But I tell her that it’s important that you only do something to yourself that you are 100% sure you can live with.  Many people run out in their teens and 20’s and get meaningless tattoos that they regret years later.  “Like daddy’s?” Virginia asks.  Yes, just like daddy’s I tell her.  But my husband has to speak up and say that he wasn’t stupid and he doesn’t regret his.  Not the way I’m trying to go here.  He then proceeds to say how his tattoo is a work of art, one of a kind, and no one in the world has one like it.  Virginia appreciates art.  I try to send him telepathic messages with my eyes.  Doesn’t he see that I’m trying to instill lasting thoughts in my child’s brain to make her really give something like this major thought before she does something she may or may not regret later in life?

So then I direct the topic on towards safety.  Yes I know tattoo parlors are safe for the most part these days.  But I tell Virginia it is so easy to contract a disease or infection if you go to the wrong place.  Again, my husband, dear Daddy, speaks up and says, the Board of Health strictly enforces the cleanliness of these places and it’s not likely you would catch a disease these days.  Finally, I just had to turn away from Virginia and yell (as quietly as you can yell under your breath), “Work with me here!”  What is the man trying to do?  Is he trying to sell a tattoo to a child?  Geesh!

So I explain to Virginia my reasons for wanting this particular tattoo, and why I have waited so long to even get to the point of wanting one.  Luckily Virginia is a very independent thinker (again this may be a curse later).  But she does things her own way, and not because of what others think.  “I’m never getting a tattoo,” she says.  Never is a strong word.  But I’ll take it for now, and hope that this version of “never” lasts at least 15 years.


One comment on “The Tattoo Conversation

  1. Thanks for the thoughts of me. I love you and will always support whatever you do, even a tattoo. Is that spelling correct? anyhow, do what your heart says.

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