Whose Vacation Is It Really?

We live in a different state than the rest of our family.  The only part we regret is that we are here and they are there.  My husband and I love where we live, but not where they live.  So I guess it goes without saying that unless they desire to move closer to us, it will always be this way.

Now it’s vacation time.  The unfortunate side effect of living away from our extended family is that we rarely, if ever, get to take vacations for ourselves.  Instead we scrape together what time we have available to visit those that we love.  Yes, we choose these visits over extravagant vacations; however, there is a negative side to them.  Time.

Once again, my children tend to require my presence on several occasions that may soak up the limited vacation time I receive a year.  Plus I like to reserve a little time for around the holidays.  That leaves me with very time left to take off during the rest of the year.  Our extended family is all in the same state; albeit a different state than we are in, and unfortunately, they are not in the same city.  In fact, they are several hours apart.  When we travel to said state, we have to divide our time between several locations.  Not exactly an easy or fun task.  Much time is lost traveling between locations.  I must stress that we LOVE our family equally. There isn’t a competition between the people involved.  The only competition rests in the locations.  You see, there are four locations at stake here.  These locations are not equal and should not be treated equally.  Of the four, only one has a true vacation feel to it with lots to do.  Even though we are visiting family, we want to make this vacation feel like a vacation as much as we possibly can. So, naturally, we would prefer to spend the majority of our time at the location that feels the most like a vacation destination.  Easily said, but not easily done.

If we do not spend equal amounts of time with each part of the family, someone will get offended. In an ideal world, perhaps everyone could spend a little of their vacation time to reciprocate our visits more often so we aren’t limited to seeing them for only two days a year during our vacation (which I may add they complain about being too short of a visit as well).  Or perhaps we could travel to one location, and everyone else could meet us there.  I, myself, would prefer to rent a large condo somewhere at a true vacation spot and have everyone meet there to enjoy joint family vacations.  There has to be a simpler solution.  Is this too much to ask really?

But we will continue to try to please everyone, making our vacation more stressful than it should be.  Next year I think we should go on a cruise.


do you get my comments? Just wondered. I love your gifts to me. I know you are saying “what gifts?” Remember Christmas? I loved seeing the Rockettes. And “YOUR GIFT” of a call on my birthday means more to me than any gift I DO NOT NEED> I love you Kris. You have ALWAYS been my special daughter and friend.


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