Battling the Red Queen

I know I said I wouldn’t let the Red Queen bother me any longer.  After all, it’s only a matter of time before a new resident of Wonderland moves into her castle.  Up until this point, I had refused to be an active participant in the Red Queen’s war.  I only took a defensive stance for my beloved Wonderland.  That was before she unleashed several minions on my household.  In the past week, my sanctuary has been attacked not once, not twice, but three times.  It appears she needs to see the downfall of Wonderland before she can move on.  The battle has begun.  At the nudging request of the white rabbit, I am no longer taking just a defensive stance.  This goes against my rules of Karma, and I pray that I am merely reinforcing the Karma that the Red Queen has brought on herself and am not creating any new ill will toward myself in the Universe.

How am I going to defeat the Red Queen you ask?  I will use truth and light (the flash of a camera to be more precise) to battle her evil ways.  If she is going to make me stand trial, you better believe she will have to stand trial as well.  Wish me the best.  After all, the judge is part of Her Majesty’s court.


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