Welcome to the Jungle

I spent two days without children.  Ok, maybe one and a half since I spent one of those days at work.  They went to their Grannie’s house a few days ahead of our trip there.  Oh the peace and quiet.  Oh the joys of cleaning something up and it remaining clean.

But I made the mistake of entering their territory. Their jungle.

I couldn’t avoid it.  But once there, I saw the piles of clean clothes mixed with the dirty clothes and I couldn’t just walk away.  Perhaps I will just sort through the clothes.  Unfortunately, the task before me grew larger and larger as I discovered trash.  Enough trash to fill the kitchen trash can.  Not toys I would love to get rid of.  Not clothes that they have outgrown.  Simply trash.  It seems the purpose of a trash can eludes my children.  Trash was under the bed.  Trash was in toy boxes.  Trash was in the closet.  The process of cleaning up said trash made me start to venture into the jungle of toys.  Should I clear some off the jungle away to provide room for civilization?

Oh, my husband has dinner ready.  Steak.  Yum.  My adventure in the jungle territory is over, just clearing out the trash will have to suffice….this time.


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