Learning to Fly – Part 3

The countdown begins.

2:25 pm – I am trying hard to concentrate on work, but in 35 minutes my baby will be on the city bus alone. Well as alone as you can be with 30-40 other kids. But who knows if the second bus will have any kids on it at all. Only time will tell.

2:30 pm – I am so nervous I have butterflies in my stomach. When was the last time I felt that? I don’t remember. I don’t know if I can wait 30 more minutes….plus however long after school lets out that it will take to actually get here. I need to find a distraction. My work isn’t distracting enough.

2:35 pm – So anxious I have to take a trip to the bathroom. “30 minutes,” my friend tells me as I walk by. “25,” I correct her. She laughs at me.

2:54 pm – Completed a task. Answered a few phone calls. All very welcomed distractions. Only six minutes to go until the true anxiety kicks in.

2:57 pm – Three minutes to go. I think I have to go to the bathroom again. I am sure it’s just nerves. Why am I so anxious? The child hasn’t even left school yet! Do all mothers go through this?

3:00 pm – School’s Out!

3:07 pm – My cell phone rings. It’s My Baby!! The sweetest voice ever! She tells me what she learned in French class…”Bonjour Mama, c’est moi.” I ask her what that means. She says, “Hi Mama, it’s me.” I love this child. One bus down, one bus to go. I ask her to call me when she gets on the second bus.

3:12 pm – I open the family locator up on the internet. I love this thing. I can see her bus hasn’t left the school yet. If I hadn’t known that, I would have wondered why she wasn’t on the second bus yet. I get my text messages that she has left the school and arrived at the bus station.

3:30 pm – Virginia calls me. She is on the second bus. Hooray! There are only two other kids on her bus. That’s a disappointment. I hope in time she will attempt to get to know them so she doesn’t have to ride alone. She should be here in 10 or 15 minutes. OMG….I have to pee again. At least the butterflies have calmed down.

3:42 pm – Loving family locator. I can see where she is on the map. Still, I wonder if there is a delay. Seems like she should be here already. I wish it were interactive…like the Weather Channel’s interactive weather map.

3:47 pm – I walk to the bus stop. I am reliving the very first time Virginia rode the school bus home as I stand there anxiously awaiting for her bus to arrive.

3:52 pm – She’s here! What a beautiful child. I am so happy to see her and hug her. She is such a responsible child at such a young age. I am blessed.

I survived the first day. According to the school calendar, I only have to do this 170 more times this school year. Unless I win the lottery. 😉


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