Serenity on a Monday Morning

Usually my mornings are filled with stress as I attempt to get myself ready for work while trying to get the kids to get up and out of bed, get themselves ready and get their lunches packed. There is almost always someone yelling. Either it’s me or my husband yelling at them to “quit stretching and get out of bed”; or it’s one of the kids yelling about something their sister is or isn’t doing.

Things were surprisingly different this morning. After the carpool incident we had last Friday, which terminated said carpool, my wonderful husband has stepped up to the plate and agreed to take Virginia to school on days he goes in to work later than me. So this morning, we each got up and showered. Amazingly my children each got up without being yelled at. As they got ready in their usual slow manner, my husband and I stood in the kitchen preparing their lunches side by side. Not a moment that would make a movie or a great song, but it was a moment I wanted to hold on to. There wasn’t any yelling. The clock was moving at a normal pace, unlike my other mornings when it seems someone speeds it up, making me lose valuable minutes. I didn’t feel rushed. I had help preparing everything that had to be done. I had safe, reliable rides for both my children lined up for the morning. It was very blissful. I was finished and ready to leave the house with time to spare. I repeat….TIME TO SPARE!

I kissed everyone goodbye and left the house with a smile on my face as I headed to the train for a stress-free ride to work. A very rare, happy, Monday morning.


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