High School Sweethearts

My dear husband of 18 years and I are high school sweethearts. Sappy, I know, and quite an anomaly these days. I was telling one of my friends how we met today, and she insisted that I write about it. I am sure my dear husband, Chris, will just be thrilled about me writing about it – NOT! So I will keep this short and simple.

The year was 1988. He was a senior, and I was a junior at a two-year vocational school. Amazingly, we had some mutual friends, but our paths never crossed, not until the last two months of the school year. What is even more amazing is that throughout the entire year, my friends and I consistently sat at the same table in the cafeteria (near the center), and he and his friends (J and S) consistently sat at the same table in the corner of the cafeteria. J gave my best friend and I a ride to school everyday, and I briefly dated S the summer prior to that school year. So how was it possible that we never met, and I never noticed this guy?

Now my best friend had the opportunity to meet Chris before me, when she went to his photography class to model for some photographs for J. My best friend and I had opposite “tastes” in boys. So when she was telling me about this cute guy that was assisting J, I ignored her. Then finally one day in April 1988, the timing was perfect. He walked through the cafeteria doors as I happened to look up towards the doorway. “Wow, he’s cute.” I proclaimed to anyone at my table that cared. My best friend immediately responded that he was the guy she was talking about. Another one of my friends (M), who attended same photography class with Chris, J and S, declared, “OH, I know him!” So it was M’s big mouth that I have to be thankful for. When she got to class after lunch, she told the three of them about me, and low and behold, J and S closed the deal with their confirmation that I was “cool” and passed off my phone number.

I heard what took place and waited for a phone call. Nothing.

During this time, I gave tours through the school to prospective students. So the following week, while I was taking a group of students through the photography class, I ran into the three of them…in the “dark room”. Chris was eating a bag of Doritos. We were officially introduced in the dark room and I was offered a Dorito. But my tour had to continue, so the meeting was brief.

This was prom season, and during this same time, everyone was making plans for attending the prom and searching for dates. Neither my best friend, nor I had dates yet, but I was more concerned for her than myself. So, being the outgoing person I was back then, we stood in the doorway to the cafeteria and I proceeded to harass every guy that walked through the doorway to take my friend to the prom. As Chris exited the cafeteria, I said, “Chris, you should take her to the prom.” He mumbled something and started to walk away. I was bold back then, so I asked, “What, don’t you have a date to the prom?” He shrugged, and I didn’t wait for a response before replying, “Well forget her then, take me.”

I received my phone call.


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