I Encouraged It

So now that my oldest child has entered middle school, I am starting to look ahead to opportunities to build her “resume” for college. Yes I’m starting a little early, but can we really ever start too early? So to keep it simple, I told my child during the first week of school that she should join a school club. Clubs are always good. I didn’t realize the headache I just brought on myself.

So immediately the first week of school, Virginia had two big announcements: 1) She wants to be in the band. The band may require one or two rehearsals after school before the two performances the fifth grade has this year. I think between my husband and I, we should be able to swing that. 2) She was elected to represent her class in student council. Awesome! The first meeting takes place after school on a Friday. AFTER SCHOOL? When I was in school (eons ago), the clubs I participated in took place during school. There wasn’t a need to plan for after school pickup. So I had to ask my boss if I could leave work early Friday to pick her up after her meeting was over. At this time it would be too late to catch the bus to my office. The next meetings haven’t been scheduled yet. I have to wait until the first meeting to get the meeting schedule for the year. I hope they don’t meet too frequently.

We are now in the second week of school. Virginia announced yesterday that she also wants to join the newspaper staff. They meet every Wednesday….after school. Ouch. Virginia tells me this after she arrives at my office. I have an easy-going boss, so I let Virginia break the news to her that she wants to join the newspaper staff and that she is disrupting my work schedule yet again. So what does my dear lovely child do? She throws me under the bus. She tells my boss that I encouraged her to join all these clubs. Well, yes I did encourage her to participate in ONE club, and that was BEFORE I knew clubs these days take place after school. Lucky for me, my boss is very understanding (at the moment) and tells Virginia that it’s great for her and she should be a part of these activities. Does this mean I can leave work every Wednesday, every band rehearsal, and every other day the student council meets? Who knows. Virginia and I had to run out the door at that moment to catch our bus to the train.

On the way home, Virginia also tells me she wishes to join the yearbook staff. Maybe I should just quit my job now. My encouraging of this child may be the death of my career.


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