My Child is Carrying $500

Last night I gave my child $500.00 to carry to school and on the city bus with her each and every day. Yep, you read that right…$500.00. Why would I do such a thing you ask?

Let me clarify a little. In our new adventures of middle school, Virginia decided she wanted to join the band. This was a surprise, considering the week before school when she announced she wanted to quit piano, because she no longer had any interest in playing a musical instrument…EVER. So when she came home school on the first day and announced she wanted to be in the band, I had to ask her why she changed her mind. Like any 10-year-old, her answer was “I don’t know, I just do.” Studies have shown that music is great for the brain, so I cannot deny her this experience. But maybe I should have.

Her first choice of instrument was the trumpet. What? that wouldn’t be my choice, but I guess this wasn’t my choice. The second day of school she changed her choice to trombone. What is this child thinking? The week progressed, and as she learned about the different instruments in band, she then wanted to play the saxophone. Ok, we were improving with our choices. Not that there is anything wrong with the trumpet or trombone, they just aren’t exactly what I would want to hear playing in my house every day. In the end, she was tested in class, and her perfect fit was the clarinet. I like it.

This week I received a note that she must have her new clarinet by next Monday, so last night after dinner we went to the recommended music store to rent a clarinet. Yes…rent. After all, this is the child that declared three weeks ago that she never wanted to play an instrument again. Why would I want to buy one if this is a passing phase. When we got to the store and I learned of the price, that sealed the deal on renting said instrument. $500.00. Well it was actually a little over $500.00. OMG. Fortunately, renting will only cost $30.00 a month, and we do have the option to rent-to-own. But I still can’t get past the $500.00. She rides the city bus every afternoon. She may as well have $500.00 in her pocket that can fall out at any time. Can I strap this thing to her body so that there is no way possible she can leave it on a bus? Can I tie it to her with a leash and put wheels on it so she pulls it behind her all day long? How about super gluing the handle of the case to her hand. That won’t work…then she can’t play the darn thing! For now I will have to just purchase the insurance plan and hope for the best. Unfortunately, the insurance plan doesn’t cover “disappearance”, only damage. So I pray, “God, please continue to keep Virginia safe on the bus, and God, please keep her new companion, her name is Clari Net, safe on the bus too.” Amen


2 comments on “My Child is Carrying $500

  1. You could have started her on the ukulele for about $50. It’s small, portable and easy on the fingers. The size makes it perfect for small hands.

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