Timing is Everything

Sometimes I like to reflect on the timing of some things. I don’t really think life is full of coincidental moments. I prefer to think that everything was planned, good or bad, and sometimes I get “a little help from my friends” from above.

Today our washing machine died. It sounded like a painful death, as it put off a high-pitched, continuous hum, still full of water and refusing to drain. Luckily I was on the last load of laundry. Even luckier…Lowe’s was having a 20% off sale for Labor Day and no interest for 18 months. But was it luck or a little divine intervention making the timing work out? And if I didn’t want to use my Lowe’s charge, I just happened to find an envelope with an unused credit card in it while I was cleaning out my office files earlier today. Whether you want to call the timing of it all a coincidence or divine intervention, I’ll accept either. But I am sending out a little thanks to the Other Side tonight. Just in case.


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