I Must Share

I love my friend Lori. She is so fun, reliable and cares for my children like they are her own. She is a loyal follower of my blog. She should be writing a blog of her own. Today she sent me an email about my sweet little Klara. I was rolling in laughter and can’t resist sharing.

Your child cracked me up!!!!!!!!!!

So, this morning was crazy as usual. Klara rang the doorbell right about the time I was naked and stepping in the shower so Jaycee ran downstairs to let her in. When I got out of the shower, I could hear that they were eating at the table so I proceeded to get ready. When they were done eating, Klara went to my room to watch cartoons and Jaycee finished getting ready. I looked at my watch as I was drying my hair and realized it was already 7:30. “Jaycee, are you ready?” I shouted. I still had to give her lunch $, sign her sheet, and brush my teeth. “COME ON!!” Klara (she’s so wonderful!!!) quietly got up, turned off the TV, grabbed her back pack and went to the front door like the perfect angel she is! I grabbed a bottle of water, my purse, my phone and as I’m walking to the car, Klara goes, “Good Morning Ms. Lori” I look down at her……You sweet little thing! “Good Morning Klara! I haven’t even seen you this morning. Did you get enough for breakfast? Did you get something to drink?” “Uh, huh” is her response with the cutest little smile on her sweet innocent little face. We get to the car, I unlock the doors but Klara’s didn’t unlock. In a sweet, quiet voice, “Ms. Lori, will you please unlock my door?” OHH! I’m sorry! So I reach and unlock the door, my door is still open, I haven’t buckled my seat belt or anything. The car is off! I grab the bottle of water and chug 1/2 of it as I turn the car on. The radio is blaring a Kohl’s commercial so I frantically try to turn it down, just as there is silence, sweet, quiet, innocent, beautiful Klara shouts at the top of her lungs “KOHL’S SCREWED MY MOM!!!” Water came out of my mouth, my nose, I was coughing, choking, couldn’t breath! I’m in shock! I don’t know whether to laugh or call 911. As a regained my composure, “Excuse Me?” I ask. Did she really just say what I thought she said? “KOHL’S SCREWED MY MOM!” Yep, I heard her right!!! She proceeds to tell me the story of when you tried to take back some shoes and they didn’t give you a receipt so you had to go back to the shoe dept. and she was starving…………blah, blah!

Anyways…….your child cracked me up this morning!

Thank you so much for sharing Lori. I can’t wait to see you start a blog!


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