I Gave Up the Office

It seems in the business world everyone always makes a big deal about having an office. Aside from having the ideal “corner office with a view”, I find having an office isn’t always the best choice.

I currently do not have an office. I have a very spacious cubicle set back in an alcove of our suite of offices – “our offices” meaning two departments that work very close together so much so that we cannot be separated. There is one office that rotates between my position and that of my counter-part of this other department. My counterpart is about to leave us for another job. Therefore, the office occupancy would transfer to me. Fabulous! Right? I don’t really think so. My “very spacious cubicle” has a complete wrap around desk (shaped like an U), with plenty of room for me to spread out and still have everything in reach. The walls of the cubicle include places for me to conveniently tack items up for quick viewing. Part of my cubicle wall has a window, which allows me to see down the hallway so that no one can “sneak up” on me. It suites me well. With my child now coming to my office after school, I have plenty of room for her to sit behind me and do her homework. I have made my area my 8:00-4:30 home.

What about the office? First let me say it does NOT have a window. Thanks to the setup of our building, there aren’t any windows in our entire office suite, so I would not be gaining a view. I’d actually be losing a view. I would be limited to seeing only the inside of the office and the few feet of hallway in front of the office door; making it possible for someone to be upon me before I would even know they are coming. The office is also poorly lit. I don’t feel like spending my own money to purchase lamps to light it to my satisfaction. There aren’t any boards on the wall that would allow me to tack up pertinent information to keep at my fingertips. I would have put forth more effort to look things up. There is limited work space; the size of a traditional desk. The desk in the office has four drawers, two on each side. My current desk has eight – so much more useful for me. And, more importantly, there would be no place for my child to do her homework except on the floor.

To make my decision easier, there is a shift of personnel taking place with my counterpart’s departure. Her replacement has been with the company longer than I have. She has a higher position than I have. She has more responsibility than I have. This makes my decision easier. It is the right thing to do. So I am surrendering the office. My new counterpart can have it. Offer me something with natural sunlight and we can talk, but for now, I think I am comfortable where I am.


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