Doctor’s Orders

I finally went to my follow-up appointment this afternoon. You know, the follow up to wearing a heart monitor to determine the cause of my heart palpitations. It turns out I’m normal – although my friend says she thinks I need a re-test. (Thanks T!)

Anyway, I found out the obvious….they are the result of too much anxiety, too much stress and too much caffeine. The doctor asks me if I have any anxiety or feel stressed. Do I feel stressed? No I’m not stressed at all. Seriously?! Maybe I should just refer her to my blog to read about my 10-year-old child running around downtown by herself after school, with a $700 clarinet no less. Or perhaps its the fact that she lost her cell phone yesterday (luckily she found it at school today). Or maybe it’s because my youngest has strep throat, causing me to miss work tomorrow. Yet, it still may be the fact that I have to deal with driving in rush hour traffic downtown now that I am not able to relax and ride the train to work any longer (on a positive note I do get home slightly earlier now). I have kids, show me a person with kids who isn’t stressed out.

So I need to continue trying to decaffeinate myself. Trust me — I am trying; my coffee is only 1/2 caffeine now. And most importantly, I need to reduce my stress level. So doctor’s orders…DON’T stress me out!


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