They’re Normal People Too

This morning I met Keith Urban (a country music star for those of you who are not familiar with his name).

I came in to work as usual and at about 10 am my friend, Tina, and I decided we needed to walk down to Starbucks for some coffee. Tomorrow is her birthday, and as we stood in line discussing her birthday plans, Keith Urban walked in and got in line right behind us. At first no one really noticed except Tina (a big fan), who got my attention. We didn’t say anything. He obviously just wanted to get some coffee and be left alone. Then a couple different people tried to casually walk up to him and make small talk. They were brief. Did they know him? I bet not, but who knows. Still, as fascinating as it was, I didn’t feel the need to stare and act like a fool, and apparently neither did Tina. So we continued our conversation. Then the woman in front of us turned around and freaked out. If the poor guy wanted to be incognito, his cover was officially blown. Keith was probably lucky Tina and I stood between him and this self proclaimed “huge fan”. She went on and on, before asking if she could take his picture. At least she was nice enough to ask. He politely stated he was feeling under the weather and didn’t feel photogenic today. I felt bad for him. Yes he may be famous, but seriously, the man has a right to get a cup of coffee without being attacked. He then turned to Tina and I and made mention of how easy it is to get sick with a two-year-old at home.

The three of us had a brief conversation that included illnesses and kids, before he received a phone call. Nicoll Kidman we figured, since he said, “Hey Baby,” when he answered. We ordered our drinks and left. I think Keith was able to get out of the building without be accosted again as well. Good for him.

It was a little exciting; however, I couldn’t help but wonder why people make a fool of themselves for celebrities. He seemed like such a normal guy. Tomorrow is Tina’s birthday…what a nice early birthday gift for a calm and cool fan…a conversation with Keith Urban.


One comment on “They’re Normal People Too

  1. Calm on the outside but FREAKING out on the inside! 🙂 I was most certainly a nice birthday gift!! Thanks for being my Starbucks walking friend!

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