Life with a Chef

I am married to a chef. Not a famous chef, but yes, a gourmet chef. When people learn this about me, I always get the same responses. “Does he cook every night?” “Does he always cook gourmet meals?” “That must be wonderful!” “You’re so lucky!” The truth is it’s not what it seems. Does a mechanic’s car always run? Does a gynecologist want to see naked women when he gets home? Probably not.

First and foremost, my husband does not cook every night. He’s not home every night. While most people work 8 to 5 jobs and eat dinner together every night, my husband is the guy that is making dinner for those people, who wish to eat their family dinner out at a restaurant. Even on some holidays where the tradition has always been a large family meal at home, more and more people are venturing out of their homes to let a restaurant do all the work. My husband is sacrificing his family time on those holidays to cook for those non-traditional families. So when he is not home, I am left to cook for myself and my kids. Luckily kids are easy to cook for, because I do not like to cook.

Fortunately there are times when he is home in the evening. But during those times, he does not always want to cook. I can’t say I blame him, although I prefer it when he does (again I hate cooking). We still have a lot of average meals: chili, hamburgers on the grill, tacos, meatloaf, and more often than not, pizza. His meals usually are good, but nothing extraordinary. But then I have to ask, what is extraordinary? I guess in this category my view is tainted. I have been spoiled. I hate to eat out, even at so called “nice” restaurants, only to find that my husband’s version of whatever I ordered would have tasted better at a fraction of the cost (and believe me, it usually does taste better!). So I guess in that regard the answer would be yes, he does cook very good meals at home, something as ordinary as meatloaf comes out fabulous when he makes it with all his little gourmet touches.

Life with a chef can be good (or yummy), and it would be easy to take him for granted, if it weren’t for the days I’m on my own to remember just how lucky I am. I don’t think I will forget how fortunate I am when he cooks any time soon, for now my dinner selections are going to become a little less tasty, as I will be finding myself cooking more and more from now on. My husband has accepted a new job with a company that will offer him the opportunity to cater meals on movie sets, at concerts and anywhere else such elite clientele dine. I am proud of him. I just hope his new clientele remember how special he is while they are eating his delicious meals and my girls and I are sitting at home night after night eating hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for the hundredth time!


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