As Another Time Change Approaches

As this weekend approaches, I have to remind myself that this is the weekend we change our clocks back one hour (Fall Back in Fall). Why must we change our clocks? I know, I know…it has something to do with the world blowing up or something if we don’t push the button. Oh wait, that was Lost (man I miss that show).

In Fall, it’s great that we move our clocks back one hour and so it feels like we get to sleep in late one hour. Hooray! But then it also means when I leave work Monday evening, and every other evening for the next several months, it’s already dark. How depressing. It’s light when I leave work right now thanks to the extension of this year’s daylight savings time, which pushed it all the way back to November, but why can’t it stay this way? I don’t care if it will be dark when I head to work soon. I would rather drive in to work in the dark and know it will be light soon, than drive home in the dark and know I won’t get any daylight time “to myself”. Instead the sunlight will come and go while I sit in an office with no windows and will not be able to enjoy it. It’s no wonder people get seasonal affective disorder more in the winter months. Humans were not created to be nocturnal…even though some are (like my husband).

Another fun part of time changes…forgetting them. If you fail to forget them in the Spring, well you are late to work. If you fail in the Fall….you are early. This takes me back several years to the one year I actually made that mistake (yes it can be done in the Fall). I woke up and discovered that my alarm had not gone off. I immediately called my boss and left a voicemail telling her that I was going to be late and that I would get there as soon as I could. I think I broke a record (at least in my house) for the fastest shower ever, threw on some clothes and ran out the door. My highway drive to work was about 40 minutes at the time. Again, I flew down the highway at record breaking speeds….a record that is for my 1979 Volkswagon Rabbit. No it was not 1979; the car was old. So it was a surprise that I could even drive it that fast. But I made it all the way to my work exit and glanced down at my radio clock. 7:40. I had to be to work by 8:00. Wait…did time stop? Oh, I immediately realized that not only did I forget to set my alarm, I also forgot to change my clock back an hour. I guess I did the one in the car a day early. So now I was early for work. I had time to stop and get breakfast. After breakfast I casually wandered into the office feeling like an idiot. My boss saw me come in, laughed, and asked what my message was all about. Stupid time change.


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