To dye or not to dye…..that is the question.

My husband says that he can tell the seasons have changed when I get compelled to change my hair. Apparently, according to him, I start to get finicky about my hair when the seasons have truly begun to change. He may be on to something.

When I was a child, my hair was blond – very blond, even though I was the product of two dark-haired parents. Naturally, my hair began to darken as I grew older. By the age of 10 it was light brown with natural highlights. Being that my mom was the child of two beauticians, it was no big deal in our household when at such a young age we decided to use Sun-in to lighten my hair back to the lighter locks of my toddler days. This worked for a while. You just simply sprayed it in your hair and hung around outside in the sun. This was easy in the summer, but as summer began to fade, once again so did the blond. So when a friend of the family moved in with us, along with her bleach blond hair from a bottle, my mom suggested she dye my hair when she dyed hers. And so it began – the never-ending cycle of hair abuse.

I continued to dye my hair for the next 27 years. Most of the time it was some form of blond, and for many years I did it myself. Sometimes the color complimented my skin tone. Sometimes it didn’t. I could never settle on just one specific brand or shade. Then I learned the value of a good beautician. So my quest for the perfect hair continued…at a higher cost. Then I got adventurous. I tried other colors…mostly temporary ones. I was a redhead and a few shades of brunette for very brief periods, but I always managed to go back to being a blond; the one color I’ve really only known the majority of my life.

When my children came along, I decided I should try to go natural. Going natural meant letting my hair grow out and going through an “awkward” phase or possibly even cutting it short. That wasn’t about to happen. So I switched back to dying my hair at home again. I tried shade after shade to try to get a color that I thought looked natural. Once I even dyed my hair three times in one week. Definitely a no-no according to the professionals. Soon I gave up and ended back up at the salon. I was stuck for life it seemed. Never satisfied. When it was darker, I wanted it lighter. When it was lighter, I wanted it darker. I loved the multi-colored (aka color streaks) look, but that cost even more.

Finally last year I took a big leap and went to a very expensive salon…a salon that caters to the stars. What I walked out with was fabulous. A natural looking color with subtle highlights. The problem….it was a temporary color. It was the best choice to help grow my over-processed blond hair out. When it faded, I was back to a not-so-fabulous look. So I went back and requested something more permanent. What I got was originally darker and redder than I anticipated, but it too faded over time, but this time it magically faded to match my roots perfectly. I had done it (with a little help of course). My hair could grow out gracefully now and closely matched my natural color.

I have had my natural color for about a year now. That’s a record for me. But now that the air has gotten colder, I’m feeling a familiar itch…..


4 comments on “To dye or not to dye…..that is the question.

  1. Well I’m going to dye because right now my hair is naturally gray and I don’t like it. So I will be not gray when we see you at christmas. love ya.

    • Yes, I am aware that is standard procedure, but since Chris immediately left town with it for our move here when we bought it, well obviously that got overlooked. That doesn’t help us now.

  2. Lets go to my mom’s together and get our hair done! It’s not as pricey as the salon of the stars and she does a good job! I’ve had an “itch” for a few weeks too!

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