The Importance of Computer Recovery Disks (or Geeky Friends)Geek

This one goes out to all my geeky friends and should serve as a warning to my non-geeky friends. Learn from my mistakes.

I remember when I was in school, being labeled as a geek was a bad thing. No one wanted to be called a geek. Just visualizing the term brought up images of being uncool, unattractive, or nerdy. The times sure have changed, and it seems so has the view of what being a geek really means. To be a geek now borders more on the line of being a genius. As the computer age introduces more and more computerized gadgets and appliances, the number of geeks and their importance has grown. There are several levels of geekery today, and I must add that there are several geeks out there who are mighty attractive. Perhaps we can thank Best Buy for this change by the introduction of their “Geek Squad”. But how or why the geek image has changed is not important. What is important is that it has changed, and for the better. These are the technical people of the world. We need them. We would be lost without them.

I admire geeks. I have several friends who are “geeks”. I myself only dabble in geekery, but I could never truly call myself a real geek. I wish I could. My laptop died this week, and it has reminded me of just how important these technical wizards are. Because I am not a full geek, I did the unthinkable…I neglected to create recovery disks for my laptop when it was purchased. Ok, so it was five years ago and even I didn’t know quite as much then about computers as I do now. My education on them grows a little every day, and its surprising how far I have come in just five years. But then again, look how far all of our computer and internet technology has evolved over the past ten years. Had I realized how much I would have needed the recovery disks, maybe I wouldn’t have let making them slip my mind. What’s worse is that I saw little signs of the impending doom coming for my laptop. While the majority of its use has been reduced to homework help for my kids, it did still offer a convenience in our home. Over the past month or so when it would get turned on, we were faced with a blue screen and an error message. Unfortunately it was easy to bypass the blue screen and ignore the message. I should have paid attention to it’s pleas for help then and immediately consulted my geeky friends. But I didn’t. Finally, this week, as it was powered up, it took it’s final breath.

Being that I am not savvy with the technical inner workings of computers, I contacted one of my computer friends and was instructed to perform a system restore with the recovery disks. No problem. I just need to dig out the box I have of old computer disks, find them and install them. We did just that….but the disks that were sent with the laptop were blank. Five years after the purchase of said laptop, I am reading for the first time that the disks were enclosed as a convenience for me to burn recovery disks. It did not appear that was completed (hanging my head in shame). I borrowed other recovery disks and learned that they are very computer and operating system specific. So not only could I just see if someone has a Windows XP recovery disk, but it specifically has to be a Windows XP Home disk for a Gateway brand computer. What are the odds that someone I know has or had that same setup at one point in time. Sadly they aren’t looking good.

So as my husband and I contemplate taking our computer to a specialist or laying it to rest, please heed my advise….when you power up that new computer for the first time, before you setup that email account…burn those recovery disks. Sure there may be the slight possibility that you will buy a new computer before you will need the disks, but what if you don’t? If you haven’t made those disks yet, do it now anyway. You won’t regret it.


3 comments on “The Importance of Computer Recovery Disks (or Geeky Friends)Geek

  1. I would point out that recovery disks from the manufacturer only restore it to its pristine out of the box state, any changes you make to it to make it “yours” will be lost. It is much better to get it how you like it and how you want to use it (also get rid of all the extra crap that dell and gateway install on it) then create your disk image. Periodically (when your system bogs down from all the extra garbage that gets put on it) wipe the hard drive and restore the image. You will have a fresh install setup just the way you like it! From a Geek that was a Geek before it was cool 🙂 !

    • Thanks…at this point I just want it working again. I really don’t care what is lost on it. Most of the important stuff was removed before the kids took it over. 😉

  2. Jerry says that he always burns the recovery discs before he does anything else on a new computer. I don’t think he’s a geek though, but that’s my opinion. liked the article.

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