Sometimes Nothing Goes Right

It seems there are some days when nothing goes right. Today was one of those days for me. I awoke at 4:30 am to a terrible storm passing through and had difficulty going back to sleep. I eventually managed to fall back asleep, only to find that it made waking up at 6:00 even harder. I got up and got ready for work, and the kids got ready for school. Sadly, I know when it rains around here I need extra drive time to allow for all the idiot drivers out on the wet highways. Unfortunately, I was not able to leave the house any earlier than normal. So as I left at my normal time, I discovered the fuel light on in my car. I needed gas or I may not make it to and from work. Already pushed for time, I resigned myself to the fact that even though I could still possibly get my child to school on time, I would probably be a little late to work.

I went to the gas station and filled my car up with gas. Even though the pumps were covered there was enough of a wind for the moisture in the air to destroy whatever effort I had put into doing my hair. As the gas pump clicked off, I pulled the hose out of the gas tank and spilled gasoline on my boots. Great. Not only do I look terrible, but I smell like gasoline. I got in my car to continue on to my daughter’s school (the one downtown). I didn’t get very far.

There are two major roads from my area to downtown. One was closed, because a car hit a pedestrian. The highway had to take on the extra traffic from that road. So there we sat, just trying to get on the highway. On a good day I can get to my daughter’s school in 30 minutes. Today, it took me 30 minutes to get onto the highway. We finally made it, and through some stop-and-go traffic, we were able to pick up a little pace. That didn’t matter. We had been delayed enough, that I rolled into the school parking lot at 8:01. After 8:00 you must sign your child in for school in the office. So I walked into the school office and found myself in a sea of other late students. I didn’t quite know what to do next, since we had never been late before. Finally the secretary told us to sign in and a line formed. When we got up to sign in, it was 8:05. Office personnel were handing out demerits to all the late students. I asked if my child would be getting one, after all one road was closed and it wasn’t her fault we couldn’t get to school faster. I received a snooty reply, “Late is late.” I hated this woman. Even at my office a person can be late 10 minutes before questioning. I could tell by her demeanor it would be pointless to argue. I should have lied and said we were at a doctor’s appointment. Too late. So I said goodbye to my daughter and left for work.

Now I had to drive through downtown to the other side of town to my office. Not only was I already officially late, but it appeared so was the rest of the entire city. I got to my designated parking lot, which is a mile from my actual office, and waited for a shuttle. After the 10 minute shuttle ride, I finally got into work….50 minutes late. As I walked into my office, my cell phone rang. It was my daughter. She had left a very important speech in my car and needed me to bring it to her. You have got to be kidding me. No way. I just arrived and work almost an hour late and couldn’t turn around and leave. I told her no. Too bad. But in reality I couldn’t let my child get a bad grade. So I called my dear husband and begged him to pick up the speech and take it to her. He agreed to, if he could get out of his meeting in time. So I explained the situation to my boss, and went back out to wait for a shuttle to take me back to my car. I waited 10 minutes just for the shuttle to come. Then I had a 10 minute ride back to my car. I got the speech, hopped on the next shuttle and got back to my building just about the time my husband arrived to pick up the speech. God bless him. I could finally relax.

I shared my morning woes with my boss and colleagues, sat down at my computer and found it was already 10:00. This day was turning into a wash. I don’t know what possessed me, but I decided to log into the school’s grading system and check my daughter’s grades. My jaw literally dropped. Her science grade dropped from a high B to a low C. I scanned the assignments and found that an assignment she was to submit online had four grades to it…and it was listed as “missing”. Bulls**t. I watched her do this assignment and submit it online. There was no way the teacher could tell me she didn’t do it. By this time I was furious. I sent an email to the teacher. Probably not the best idea. Not only did I address the grade issue, but I told her of my frustration in killing my child’s psyche with a stupid demerit (her first) over something we could not control.

The next couple hours were a little chaotic at work. I had to leave work by 3:00 to pick this same child up from school after her after-school student council meeting. At 3:00 I hopped on a shuttle back to my car, hit the road and headed towards the school. Half way to the school she called me. There was no student council meeting today. I had my days mixed up. She was on the city bus going to my office. You have got to be kidding me. I instructed Virginia to stay at the bus station and I picked her up. In the car on the ride home, I told her about her so called missing science assignment. Virginia tells me that the teacher had her print the assignment off in class and give it to her yesterday. Why the hell is it listed as late then? Your guess is as good as mine, because the teacher never responded to my email. Now school is out for the next five days for the Thanksgiving break.

With a day like this, I feel like I’m about to lose my mind. Then I have to smile….I got off work early (even if it was a mistake), and my Thanksgiving vacation just started. I get to forget school and work for the next five days. Something finally went right.


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