Santa’s Paper

The other day in the car my 8-year-old daughter Klara asked me if she could have some wrapping paper so she could wrap something for Christmas. I told her of course she could when we got home. Unfortunately we got home later than expected and I discovered that Charlie Brown was on TV, so I told her I would get her some paper the next day. Since Daddy was working late, we got in our PJ’s and crawled into my bed to watch Charlie Brown. During the commercial, Virginia got up to make some hot cocoa, and Klara decide to stand up on my bed. She turned around, leaned her head against the wall and looked behind my headboard. Instantly a few things ran through my mind…1) That’s where I keep “Santa’s” wrapping paper, 2) I am pretty sure the only wrapping paper there was Santa’s paper from last year, which wouldn’t be remembered anyway, 3) the new Santa paper for this year is hidden with this year’s gifts.

After all these thoughts passed through my head, I asked Klara what she saw back there…a bunch a dust? She said, “I see wrapping paper!” Again, I am convinced she is seeing last year’s paper, so I foolishly tell her to pull it out and she can use it. She crawled under my bed and popped out with two brand new, very large rolls of wrapping paper. The paper I just purchased this year. This is not the paper that stays visible with all my gift giving supplies. This is special paper to keep the obvious from being so obvious….like the fact that Santa now uses pre-printed labels after Virginia announced one year that his handwriting looked a lot like mine.

So now that Klara discovered the new paper a few things flashed through my head again…1) I can just let her use it and Christmas Eve I will run out and purchase more, 2) this is quite a bit of square footage of paper, I hate to purchase more, 3) think of something quick!

So without really thinking about it, I said, “We can’t use that paper. That’s the paper I am suppose to send to Santa.” She looked at me and said, “Send to Santa?” “Yes,” I said, “don’t you know mom’s and dad’s have to supply Santa with wrapping paper.” Then I quickly distracted her and took her to get some of Mommy’s “good” blue foil wrapping paper to use. She seemed satisfied and didn’t question me any further. I breathed a sigh of relief.

When I shared the events of the evening with my husband later that night, he just laughed and said, “You told her THAT?” It was at that moment I realized how silly it all sounded. But hey, I was under the pressure of the moment, and it seems to have worked. For now.


2 comments on “Santa’s Paper

  1. Too cute. We have special Santa wrapping paper too. We got around the handwriting issue by writing the name tags with our other hand, it just looks like Santa needs to work on his penmanship.

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