The Prozac Diet

I am so happy today. Not just because I’m taking “happy pills” (aka Prozac) for my anxiety, but because I found that these little pills are helping me lose weight!

Just about every woman knows the trials and pains of wanting to be a certain weight (no matter how big or small they really are), and I am no different. Over the course of the last year my weight has increased a little bit more than I would have liked. My employer has an annual health ritual called “Hold the Stuffing”. Employees can voluntarily weigh in during the beginning of November. The goal is to return in January after the holidays are over and weigh in again. if you do not gain more than two pounds your name gets entered into a drawing for a prize. The prizes are no big deal. Honestly, I am not usually interested in the prizes, but yet I still participate every year just to see how I handled myself through the holidays.

When I was prescribed Prozac for my anxiety, I had heard the possibility that it may make me gain weight, as most drugs like this do. So naturally I was a little apprehensive about taking it. Since I started taking the Prozac, I noticed a few effects it had on me. One was obviously my calmer state of mind. I also noticed that while I am normally always cold, that isn’t the case any more. Could it be possible the drug is regulating my body temperature better? Maybe, maybe not. But I like the feeling of not freezing all the time. And third, I noticed that when I eat a meal, I feel full so much faster than normal. Some meals I’m not hungry at all.

So today, I optimistically went to my Hold the Stuffing end weigh-in and learned that I had lost weight! Not a significant loss, but considering I wasn’t doing anything proactively to lose weight, it was a highly pleasing moment.

I probably should throw in a disclaimer here: I am not a medical professional, and I am not in any way suggesting anyone should take Prozac for the side effects I have experienced. Everyone is different!!!


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