Oh Young Love

My oldest daughter, Virginia, is eleven. ELEVEN! I received a phone call today from a boy asking to talk with her. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) she wasn’t home. I asked him if I could take his name and number and have her call him back. He told me his name and said his number was in the student directory for school. I then told him I would have her call him when she got home.

Before I had a chance to hang up, he asked me if he could tell me a secret. I opened the door for him to share his thoughts with me. He proceeded to tell me that he “like, like, likes” Virginia…followed by “if you know what I mean.” I found it to be an amusing conversation. He proceeded to tell me what he got all the kids for Valentine’s Day (which is tomorrow) and what he got Virginia was something more special. I wasn’t sure what I should do with that kind of information. I told him that it was very thoughtful of him to get her something special. He then asked me if I knew why she hated him at the beginning of the school year and now she doesn’t mind being by him. Oh my! I had to keep from laughing at that one. They are ELEVEN! I really didn’t know what to say to this boy as he was confessing his crush to me. I had never heard Virginia mention him before, so I couldn’t answer his question as to why she is acting differently towards him, and I told him this. He accepted my answer and told me bye.

So now I sit hear pondering this puppy love and wonder if I should ask Virginia about him. I may have spilled his secret here, but I won’t tell his secret to Virginia. Still, I would be interested to hear what her take is on this kid and what she thinks about him. I’ve never encountered this before. I would be interested to hear what other parents would do or have done.


One comment on “Oh Young Love

  1. No no this is not happening she is way too young for this. She is just a baby at least that’s how I think of her. Mentally she’s 20 but that’s beside the point. It is kinda of cute though. Maybe he’s on her face book list and you can see what he looks like. Keep us all posted on the details.

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