Leggings and Jeggings…The Madness Must Stop

I don’t know what happened to fashion over the years. I am sure each generation has asked the same question as new generations of fashion come along. But exactly when did it become fashionable to wear your pajamas in public? Are Americans that lazy that they can’t find the time to pull on a pair of pants and a t-shirt before they venture out on errands?

I thought that pajamas in public were bad enough, but then I saw something worse. Jeggings. What are jeggings? Let me introduce you to the new term if you aren’t already familiar with it….they are the marriage of jeans and leggings. They are suppose to look like jeans, but they are stretchy and fit like leggings. Now those of us who survived the 80’s and the leggings craze back then know that there really isn’t anything flattering about leggings. That’s why we quit wearing them back then! But some genius decided that not only should they come back into fashion, but they should come back as jean imposters. This is NOT OK!

I work on a medical/college campus. With all the college students roaming around campus at any given time, I am forced to view this trend every time I leave my office. It’s an awful sight, and it’s not just the students….its employees too. No matter how skinny or tone a woman/girl is, there is nothing supportive about leggings/jeggings. To see you from behind makes me and my friend cringe. Instead of jeggings, they should be called jiggles. Even the skinniest of bodies jiggle from behind with no support. UUUGGHH!! Who wants to see that? Honestly honey, it isn’t attractive. SUPPORT is your friend. True jeans have support! At least in the 80’s when we wore leggings, we wore them with tunics….aka LONG tops. These days, girls wear them like any other pair of pants. Not only can we see the whole package, but we can tell you what style of underwear you have on…if any! As if that isn’t bad enough….I am afraid to tell all you ladies that most of the black ones are SHEER. Yes, in the right light and from a slight distance we can truly see EVERYTHING. I don’t want to see everything!

So PLEASE, I beg you ladies out there…if you must wear leggings and/or jeggings, check the fashion Do’s and Don’ts. Here are some of my own Do’s and Don’ts.

DO wear leggings with a LONG top or tunic, or even a dress.
DO wear leggings under running shorts for extra coverage.
DON’T wear leggings as everyday pants.
DON’t wear leggings if you have 1% body fat or more.
DON’T go without some extra support!

Please, for your own modesty and the sake of the rest of us who have to see you walk by….stick with real jeans. They will make your derriere look so much better, and without the jello jiggle.



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