Oh, the Irony

My dear friend Lori gives me some of the greatest conversations to blog about, yet sometimes I don’t write them down right away and then they slip my mind. One such conversation took place as we were both stuck in bad traffic while driving home from work. On this stretch of highway there is a sign for the nearest hopital’s emergency room that includes a working clock that tells you how long your wait to get into the emergency room will be. Lori had me rolling in laughter and she proceeded to point out that the 15 minute wait that was posted just prompted her to want to stop in the emergency room. Why? Because the wait was so short! It was as if it was saying, hey look, you can swing by the emergency room for a thrill and still be home early enough to make dinner. Yes, logically I know the reasoning behind the sign, but it still seemed funny that the posted wait time implied you would choose to go to the emergency room like you would choose which fast food drive thru to go to.

Tonight while we were out shopping, we had yet another one of those comedic conversations. We were at one of my favorite stores…Target. Now Lori needed to pick up some medicinal supplies for her family so we roamed up and down the aisles trying to find the various products we needed. One such product landed us in the aisle right next to the “adult” supplies. Now being married for 19 years, I tend to not even notice this section of the store. So it never occurred to me the layout of the products. Lori noticed and we had a good laugh when she pointed it out to me. You see, on the top half of the shelves were all the items of pleasure…creams, jellys, profolactics, etc. Everything for a good, possibly careless time. Ironically, just below that, the bottom shelves contained row after row of different pregnancy tests. A reminder that a careless little time could turn into a lifetime of stress. Is this a good marketing ploy? I think it would be more of a deterrent. It’s as if the store designer wants to remind you that the items on the top shelves result in the need for the items on the bottoms shelves. As Lori stated, that should be enough to scare anyone away from the top shelves, saying “There will be no good time tonight!”

Thanks for such fabulous observations Lori!


2 comments on “Oh, the Irony

  1. At first, I was a little scared to even read a blog that starts with, “My dear friend Lori….” however, thanks for the laugh….again!!!

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