My Boot Camp Experience

So I have this fabulous friend, Tina, who is not only awesome, she looks awesome! What’s her secret? Oh I’m sure she has many, but one of them is that she is training for a marathon and attends exercise boot camp five days a week. Not that I think she needs it. When she started going to boot camp, I had the joys of watching her struggle just to move while “ow” and “oh” became a part of every tiny move she made. It was especially comical when she came to my house (which has lots of stairs) and she had to go up and down the stairs. She has been attending boot camp for about two months now, and has finally gotten used to it to where she is able to get through most weeks with little pain. But, I still think she is a pain junkie.

Every so often she would nudge me a little about attending boot camp. I always replied with something to the affect of “forget it” or “not me”, along with a reminder of my age, lack of exercise and my officially diagnosed arthritic knees. I figured that was enough excuses anyway. So she moved onto other co-workers and got two of them to attend class with her last Saturday. Of course by Monday we got to laugh at the office when we heard how difficult it was for them to get about. Still, one of our co-workers has decided she wants to continue on. Good for her! At least I was happy for her until she popped by my desk yesterday afternoon.

Lauren approached me with a smile on her face and asked, “What are you doing tomorrow?” Instantly I knew what she was up to. I asked her if Tina put her up to this. She assured me that she came of her own free accord. I said there was no way I was going to go to boot camp. Besides, I don’t have any workout clothes any more. My last official workout days took place about six years ago. She gave me some grief and then left. Then Tina started pestering me just a little here and a little there. Nothing drastic.

When I got home for the day, I sat down to play a few games on Facebook and there were two wall posts for me. One post asking me if I was going to go. The other post hinting that I would go. The banter started back and forth. I started contemplating it. Seriously? What was I thinking? Soon my husband joined the banter. Wait a minute here! Whose side was he suppose to be on? Then Lauren had the perfect guilt trip for me. Yesterday was her last day at the office working a day shift. She was moving to nights and I wouldn’t see her again for quite a while. Uugghh. Why did she have to lay that on me? So I stupidly agreed to go ONE time, and I stressed the one. But what would I wear?

I came up with this plan that I would get up early, take a quick shower so I could go run to the store to buy some sweats. Then I would have plenty of time to shop and still leave on time. I did get up about 7:30 this morning. I had my coffee and took my sweet time, after all, I didn’t have to leave my house to go to boot camp until about 9:00. At about 7:45 I went to get into the shower. I turned on the water, and it came out black. We have a water softener and foolishly let the salt run out. The result…sludge at the bottom of the container. When we replaced the salt yesterday, it kicked the unit back in gear, resulting in all that sludge being filtered out with the first use of the water…which happened to be this morning. So I turned on all the faucets to let the crap run through. I thought if I only turned on cold, it would not put that stuff into the hot water heater. I was wrong. After cold started to clear, I turned on the hot water hoping to take a shower. It, too, was black. So I had to let the hot water run completely out. I was running out of time to get workout clothes.

I ran to the kitchen sink and washed my hair in freezing cold water. Yes, it really was necessary for me to wash my hair before working out. You’d have to see it to understand. After I felt like I dunked my head in a frozen lake, I threw on some clothes and raced to the store. It was almost 9:00, and I should have been heading to boot camp by 9:00 since I had a good drive and it started at 10:00. Plus I wanted time to find the place since I’d never been there before.

When I got to the store, I grabbed several pieces of clothing of all different sizes and ran into the dressing room. Perfect. I found just what I needed. I ran to the registers to find only two open. One had a woman that appeared to be purchasing the entire store. The other one had a woman with some issues. Figures. I waited, and waited and waited. By the time I checked out it was 9:15. Crap. I had no time to stop anywhere to get bottled water, and there was no way I was drinking the black crap from home. I sent Tina a message and briefly explained to her what was going on. She gave me permission to skip class and promised to not give me grief. Did she think I was trying to get out of this? Hell no! I didn’t go through all this running around bright and early on a Saturday morning for nothing! I assured her I was on my way. I sped home threw off my clothes as I ran into the door, put on the new clothes, kissed the hubby and kids goodbye and flew down the highway. I made it on time.

Then I realized I should have stayed home. What started out as simple stretching and toning exercises, grew into pain. Don’t get me wrong, it was an excellent full-body workout, organized for maximum efficiency. But throw in my old, lazy butt, arthritic knees and inability to run (and yes there was lots of running included), and I thought I was going to die. It didn’t take long for my muscles to reach the exhaustion phase I have heard about throughout my life. After each set of exercises that included some toning exercises and some weights, everyone had to run a few laps that included stairs. I never included the stairs. By the third time we were suppose to run, I didn’t even include the running. My lungs burned. My legs quivered. I wasn’t sure I could walk anymore. I did just about everything (besides the running), just to my ability (which wasn’t much compared to all the fit people surrounding me), and was relieved to see the end of the class come.

I don’t plan to return. Not because of the workout, but because it costs too darn much and is too far away for me to pay so much for what would end up being only one day a week for me due to the location. The funny thing? It was sort of fun. Am I done with this workout forever? I wouldn’t say that. But if I try again, it will be closer to home, cheaper, and probably will be in a class full of older people about my age and just as out of shape as me. Then I won’t be the only wimp in the room.

Update: I may rethink this yet again…less than 24 hours later I can barely move. Every muscle in my body is screaming at me. I think I’ve discovered new muscles that I wasn’t aware of before. Hello ibuprofen. Today may be a good day to find a massage therapist. 😉

Second day of recovery: Even worse! But you can have a good laugh at my pain along with everyone else as Tina describes it on her blog. Thanks Tina!


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