True Love = Favorite Color?

Sorry Ladies…once again I’ve managed to strike out for Team X (as in chromosone), and Team Y got ahead…see my Valentine’s Day blog for the first official recorded time I messed this one up.

My friend Tina and I were talking about the drama we get to watch unfold due to having all daughters. She was telling me about her 12-year-old’s heartbreak over having lost the love of her life. As her daughter cried in anguish, Tina asked, “what was his favorite color?” Her daughter replied, “What?” Tina repeated the question and was met with “I don’t know.” She then lectured her daughter on love and how could it be that she was so in love if she didn’t know the basics of this guy, such as what his favorite color was.

As Tina is telling me this story, I started thinking about it. Hmm, did I know my husband’s favorite color? Of course I know the answer….he doesn’t have one. I hesitated to speak up. Finally I said to Tina, “I don’t think he has a favorite color”. She looked at me like I didn’t know what I was talking about. So I decided to challenge the idea. I told her to send him a text message and ask him what his favorite color was. She immediately acted on that. Within just a matter of seconds, we got a reply…BLUE. OMFG! NOOOOOOOOOO! Surely he had to be making that up just because he felt that he had to reply to Tina’s question. So again she sent him another text message and asked him if he made that up just to satisfy her question. He replied, “It’s Blue or Black, the color of pain.” Oh I was so gonna be in pain when I get home tonight!! How could I not know this basic information about my husband. We have been together 23 years!

So I wanted to test his knowledge of me. I asked Tina to text him again and ask him my favorite color. Before he replied, I gave Tina my answer…the majority of my life it has been Red, but Black or Plum are right up there too. He replied with one word. With that one word I threw the X Chromosones of the world a massive blow. He answered Red. Seriously? I am going to pay for this one…in a big way. Any suggestions how I can up for this one? Do women buy men flowers?

For an even funner read, you can read Tina’s take on this. Thanks Tina!

UPDATE:  My husband is such a smart ass.  Last night, as he was walking into the kitchen I held my arms up against the wall.  He said, “let me through,” and I replied, “What’s the password…I mean, what’s your favorite color.”  (In reference to Gene’s Monty Python comment.) We both laughed.  Then Virginia said, “Yeah, Daddy, what IS your favorite color?”  I wanted to smack him when he turned to her and replied, “I don’t have one.” 


15 comments on “True Love = Favorite Color?

  1. Thanks, Tina?!?!?!?!?!!!! What do I have to do with this? I mean, YOU’RE the one that didn’t know his favorite color. ;P Oh, how you make me laugh. I will ping your blog when I give my story. Thanks for making my Monday freaking awesome!! 🙂

  2. Um, Yeah! No comment. On the brighter side, I don’t think I know Dustin’s favorite color either. Unless camo is a color??? Ooooh, I should call Crayola. Camo Green and Turkey Ass Brown. The more important thing to know is if your husband likes red bra’s and underwear with new black high heels. I think your forgiven!!!

  3. Way to go Chris!!! Team “Y” for the win. Let’s see that’s Chris 2, Kris 0 , I would bet that he is going to keep kicking that “men’s stereotype” butt! LOL

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  5. Funny thing, Monty Python’s Holy grail 3 questions scene was running through my mind while I read this with Kris as Sir Galahad and Tina as the bridge keeper.

    All kidding aside, as long as you know the important things you can let the little things slide.

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