Another Attempt at Boot Camp

After getting my butt kicked at boot camp with my friend Tina, I wasn’t sure I would ever return.  I knew I definitely wouldn’t return to the same place she goes to.  There I was surrounded by professional athletes.  There wasn’t one out of shape person present…oh wait, yes there was – ME!  I just don’t have the ambition to work out next to Titans football players and cheerleaders.  But after I made it through the painful aftermath as my muscles took revenge on me for not taking better care of them over the years, I swear I did seem to notice a change for the better (albeit a very slight one).  What an effective workout! 

So no sooner did I mention to my husband that I was impressed with the effectiveness of the boot camp style workout, and he had another contact for me.  Sure it was easy for him to send me off to kill myself, he didn’t have to feel the torture I was put through!  But alas, I agreed to try the gym he suggested, one that he used to work out at.  It fit my requirements in that it was close by and it only cost $5.00 a class or $50.00 a month.  I couldn’t very well use location or money as an excuse.  So last Wednesday I begged my dear friend Lori to join me.  She hesitantly agreed. 

On our way to our first class, we hit a nice thunderstorm.  This would work to our advantage.  It was leg night.  It turns out that this is a smaller gym, and all the running takes place outside.  There wouldn’t be any running due to the storm.  Nice!  After all, I am not a runner, never have been and never will be.  I didn’t even have the stamina to run as a child.  I blame my dad’s pack-a-day-smoking-in-the-house habit.  Of course he hasn’t smoked in decades now, and I haven’t been subjected to it either, but I still like to use that excuse.  Sometimes I wonder if it could have been the fact that was I was a preemie and stayed in an incubator at the hospital after I was born to make sure I fully developed.  Of course by today’s standards, I would have been sent home immediately so I probably can’t use that one.  I guess I just have to go with just plain ol’ laziness and the fact that  I hate to run. 

I also noticed that at this new gym there were several less-than-perfect-bodies present.  Awesome!  As Lori and I worked our way through our first class at this new gym, we quickly learned no running didn’t necessarily mean it would be easier.  I don’t recall ever having done so many squats and leg lunges in all my life.  My legs burned.  I could barely keep up with the group.  Again, I did a fraction of what the class did.  I didn’t mind, I know that what I did was more than effective for me considering I haven’t done anything for years.  As for Lori…I think she hated me at that moment.  Each time she said “I can’t”, I heard “I hate you for doing this to me.”  We slowly made it through class and were so happy to see the end come.  By then the rain had stopped and it was announced that anyone that wanted to run was welcome to stay.  Needless to say, Lori and I didn’t stay. 

We learned that leg night was the hardest night of the week for this class.  Go figure.  We were told to come back Friday or Saturday for the total body class.  We didn’t.  Although the aftermath of this boot camp was a little better for me.  I couldn’t say the same for Lori. While I was sore for about three days afterwards, I was still able to move and didn’t have to rely on the handicap stall in the restroom like I did when I went with Tina.  I considered this an accomplishment.  I am sure it had something to do with all the stretching this class did as opposed to the lack of stretching at the first place I went to.  Lori didn’t have the same results as me.  Actually she did have the same results….the same as the first class I took.  She called me and told me that she hurt so bad she couldn’t describe it.  She didn’t need to.  I knew exactly what she was going through.  I had been there a week ago.  We laughed about the blessing of handicap bathroom stalls with hand rails and raised up toilets.  We laughed about how much easier it is to slide down the stairs like kids as opposed to walking down them.  But hey, she was laughing.  Maybe she didn’t hate me after all.

Five days passed.  It is now Monday.  I sent Lori an email….”want to go to boot camp tonight?”  I received one word back (is it a word?), “UGH!”  Then I received a follow up message…she would go.   Yay!  We were going to try again.  So we went to try out “Arm Night”.  I figured I could do arms.  Wrong.  First let me say that arm night is deceiving…there was so much running I thought I would die.  Remember me?  NOT a runner!  I jogged a couple times, walked a couple times, and just plain sat it out a couple times.  As for the arms…well lets say pushups aren’t my forte either.  As the class pushed out 25 push-ups per set, I struggled to complete three or four during the same time frame.  However, I was able to do the bicep curls.  Yay me!

We made it through yet another class.  We weren’t the stars of the class, but the best part…we weren’t the most out of shape participants either.  We were in a class with real people.  Sure there were a few hard bodies in there, but the majority of us were there because we aren’t hard bodies.  I liked that a lot.  We plan to continue.  It may take a while before I keep up with the class, but I am determined to make it to that point.  Even if I don’t, well I’m still doing something and that is good enough for this old lady.


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