From Damn Yankee to Southern Belle?

So I was a little confused yesterday when I received an envelope in the mail addressed “To the Parents of Virginia…”  It seems every time I turn around, I am getting some sort of invitation for my “brilliant” daughter to attend some fabulous opportunity to enhance her future endeavors.  Of course, I learned that most of these invitations come from lists that are submitted via teachers, and once you are on a list, it is almost impossible to get off the list.  So each year, Virginia gets invited to spend a week in this city or that city for a minor little fee of $1500, and each year I toss the envelope in the trash.  But this new envelope was different.  So were the contents.

I opened it to find an invitation for Virginia to become a part of the Junior Cotillion.  Seriously?  What is even more perplexing is that membership is “by invitation only.”  Anyone who knows my daughter well would know that she is a tom-boy through and through.  She despises wearing dresses, she and her friends give each other makeovers at sleepovers…makeovers to become zombies that is…and she could probably belch the alphabet better than most guys in college fraternities.  So now someone thinks she could become the perfect little southern belle enough to send us an invitation for her to join this *cough* elite group?  Or are we receiving this invitation, because someone thinks she needs a little etiquette training since she doesn’t act like the perfect little southern belle?

I will admit, I am a little intrigued at the idea of sending my child to learn how to be a little lady, but I still can’t help but laugh at the idea.  While we have lived in the South since Virginia was two, we still act very much like the damn Yankees that we are.  There are a few southern customs that we have picked up and use regularly, but I still find some southern customs a little pretentious and unnecessary.  I speak bluntly with my children to a fault and do not sugar coat anything. In the South, almost everything is sugar coated.  It can be a little charming, but it can also be a little annoying.  I come from the frame of mind of say what you mean and mean what you say.

I’m sure it’s too late for this damn Yankee to change, but my child is full of potential yet.  So should I encourage my child to become a true southern belle?


2 comments on “From Damn Yankee to Southern Belle?

  1. I can’t see Gin in a hooped skirt and carry a parasol. That’s just not her. You could try sending her but I don’t think it’ll work. Besides I love her just like she is.

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