Soul Shopping

Ok I’m going to put myself out there into the “more than you need to know” category.  I have been told a few times by friends from my past that I haven’t seen in years that I “hadn’t changed a bit” since I knew them oh so many years ago.  A most wonderful compliment if you ask me.  The truth is I have changed so very much.

As unbelievable as it may seem, I knew who I was in high school.  I was extremely confident and comfortable with my body.  I loved being a total girl – dressing up, dressing wild, wearing heels, loved wearing boots, leather jackets, etc.  You could say I was high maintenance, because truthfully I was!  Then comes adult-life.  You’d think that my 20’s should have been just as fabulous. They weren’t. I settled into being married and working serious jobs.  I put on some weight, and worse, I loaded on the stress.  While most teenagers try to find themselves during their high school years, I didn’t go through those feelings until my 20’s.  By the end of my 20’s and into my 30’s I entered motherhood.  Along with that, I entered a “no heels” time in my life.  Meaning I opted for only what I could find that was comfortable – jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes.  For work my dresses, skirts and heels turned into pants and flats.  I was all about comfort baby!  Every so often an occasion would call for a dress and heels, but those moments became rare.

Then six years ago we moved to where we live now.  I love our new (and hopefully permanent) hometown.  I lost weight, but still was in the comfort only zone.  Very low maintenance.  It was easy.  Sure it I would dress up for certain occassions, those occassions being moments where I’ve heard people tell me I hadn’t changed.  But, I still wasn’t very comfortable with myself.  Add those feelings to mounding piles of stress, and as my inner turmoil boiled, it brought me to all these moments I have blogged about in recent months.

Now I had always heard fashion stylists say, “When you look fabulous, you feel fabulous.”  My thought was always, “NO…when you look fabulous, you feel uncomfortable.”  But I saw this reminder pop up again recently as I have been watching my sister-in-law, Julie, go through the Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover.  Clinton Kelly was telling her this same thing.  She is so deserving of this makeover.  But that is a whole other blog I should probably do.  If you are interested…please check it out here:  Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover.

Anyway, getting back on track with my thoughts…through much inner soul searching and the support of my fabulous friends, I have started to remember just who it is I have always been, the self that makes me happiest.  My friend Tina (I have written about her numerous times) is a strong supporter of the “Looking Fabulous Movement”.  She too went through her own period of transformation before I met her.  Now she always looks awesome. Ninety percent of the time she will wear four inch heels, but she takes such great care in the little details that when you see her in plain old flip flops she still projects so much confidence any man would drool and any woman would be jealous.  I admire her.  She has gotten me to pay a little more attention to my own appearance.  First I started to wear dresses and skirts a little more.  I forgot how comfortable some of them actually could be and determined they weren’t so bad after all.  Then came the shoes.  I love to wear my black boots, but in the summer months, I tend to lean towards my black sandals.  Not sexy, but comfortable.  One day we took a long walk at lunch that ended up in blisters on my feet and us arriving at a shoe store.  As I browsed the possibility of buying a more comfortable pair of shoes to walk back to work in, I discovered a pair of high-heel  sandals that were oh so comfortable!  I didn’t like the price though ($60.00), so I didn’t purchase.  Still, it prompted me to shop around for other possibilities to spruce up my wardrobe.  I finally found a reasonably affordable pair of awesome black heels that I could wear with just about anything.  The best part?  Something about the straps gave a little sex appeal.

After the shoes, I ventured into the lingerie section.  Now, I’m a *cough* frugal person.  I don’t wear grannie underwear, but I hate spending a fortune on panties, so I buy the nice-but-cheap underwear at places like Walmart.  My friend Lori (I pray she doesn’t hate me for writing about her here) was really convinced that I needed to venture away from my cheap Walmart panties and into department-store-stupidly-priced panties.  Her view…it’s important to have good undergarments.  Yes, I have seen that mentioned on TV before too.  But seriously, to spend $25.00 on five pairs of panties?  That’s $5.00 a pair!  I could buy a whole pack for $5.00.  Oh well, I decided to give it a shot.  She was right.  Even if they weren’t noticeable, I felt good. 

So then I hit the office with new clothes, new unmentionables and new shoes.  The first day with the shoes yielded a few blisters.  I had to take the rest of the week off, but luckily the Spring weather here has been finicky and I was able to switch back to boots to let my blisters heal.  The second week I threw those bad boys back on my feet.  Blisters again, but not quite as bad.  So I was going to go for two days in a row.  I ended up wearing them three days in a  row, albeit with a few bandaids on my feet.  But low and behold, it was actually getting easier, and I was starting to remember how it felt to actually walk in heels.  I could pull this off!  So I got brave and bought a pair of four inch heels.  I probably won’t wear them out in public, but they sure are fun!

That brings me to this weekend.  Once again I couldn’t help but shop again for a few more “items” that included accessories.  Those little things unbelievably make a difference; at least they have for me while I’ve been on this makover of my body and soul.  I apologized to my husband for my recent over-spending, but he didn’t mind.  Actually what he said was that he was enjoying my “mid-life crisis”!  Haha!  But I guess the point I’m trying to make here….everything they have been saying in all these stupid makeover shows is true.  When you look fabulous (with a little practice), you actually do feel fabulous!  Somtimes it is important to do a little shopping for your soul (just don’t kill your budget 😉 ).


3 comments on “Soul Shopping

  1. You are so sweet!! And looking awesome. Oh remember the times you said that the shoes that I wear just can’t be comfortable?? There’s no turning back now for you!! 🙂 I’m glad you are enjoying this journey and now the “movement”! Glad to inspire something good. 😉

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