Oh, Childhood Innocence

My youngest turns 9 tomorrow.  She still believes in Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.  Or does she? 

Last Easter as we walked through Walmart staring at all the preassembled Easter baskets she said the funniest thing to me:

Klara:  “You know what would be a great idea?”

Me:  “What’s that?”

Klara:  “If moms and dads bought easter baskets like this to give to their kids and said it was from the Easter Bunny.”

Me:  “That would be a GREAT idea!!”

….pause….me thinking…

Me: “Do YOU believe in the Easter Bunny?”

Klara:  “YES!”

But, did this really mean she knows something, and is this her way of telling me?  Another Easter came and went.  Another tooth (or two) was lost and rewarded.  Then along came Christmas.  At my child’s daycare the teachers gave the kids pre-printed Christmas cards to “jazz up” for parents, friends or whomever they desired to give them to.  Klara was proud of the cards she made for me.  One of them really caught my attention.  It had a puppy on the front.  Above the puppy she created a thought bubble that read “Santa’ isnt’ real.”  Inside the card she wrote, “Just kidding.  I LOVE Santa!”  So again I started to question her, but she was adamant that Santa WAS real and she believes in him. 

Now we are back around to Easter.  As Klara and I stroll through Target, I pickup several Easter items for her, Virginia and the young guests we are expecting over this Sunday for Easter.  I want so badly to buy everything for my kids baskets just to get it over with.  Perhaps I can buy somethings under the pretense that they are for our guests as well.  Would she notice?  Oh how I sort of wish this charade I created could come to an end.  But then so does the innocence and magic of childhood.  But does it really have to?

I believe in the unseen.  I believe in God.  I believe in Spirits.  I believe in Ghosts (yes I also believe there is a difference between the two). I believe in Santa.  (I am a huge supporter of  Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Clause.  My daughter, Virginia even has the book.  Not to mention the fact that I KNOW Santa personally.  ;))  I even believe in fairies.  The Irish believe in Leprechauns – they are even recognized by the Irish government.  There are many other cultures that believe in their own mystical/magical beings that I cannot recall at the moment to name them here.  Who are we to say that they are wrong?  So why does the magic have to end just because we grow older?   There are so many unexplainable things in life that we can’t see or don’t want to see, and just because a few of them are fabricated, why do we assume the rest must all be as well?

So as exhauting as the masquerade of the Easter Bunny can be, he will live for at least one more year in the heart of my sweet, innocent Klara.  Besides, this year is extra special as she will get to celebrate her birthday and Easter during the same three-day weekend.  🙂

I love you Klara Bear.


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