The Power of The Shoes

I have come to recognize the fact that shoes are powerful.  Well I guess I can only say that for me…but I bet it’s true for many women.  Why else would so many woman be “shoe whores”?  I’ve never really thought about them before, but they can control my emotions.   They can even manipulate the emotions of those around us.  Let me give you a few examples.

First lets look at the oh-way-too-casual, slip-on, worn-out, wide-toed, looks-like-slippers clog.  I wear them out of comfort, and out of laziness.  Laziness because you can slip your feet right into them and shuffle to wherever it is you want to go without having a care in the world as to the way you look.  I have actually seen these worn in conjunction with pajamas out in public.  Yep, that’s how lazy of a shoe they are.  Perfect for the person too lazy to even get dressed to leave their home.  Yes, others notice when you wear these shoes….not necessarily a good thing.

Moving on to sneakers.  The athletic-turned-all-pupose shoe.  I’m guilty of having worn these for years with just about everything.  They speak of agility, comfort and ease.  They say, I’m not quite a slob, but I’m not going out of my way to impress you either.  I just want to blend in, and sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt do just that.  But really who wants to blend in?  I don’t, well not anymore!

Then my favorite…boots.  I am guilty of loving boots.  High heel boots, cowboy boots, flat boots, dressy boots, casual boots, leather, suede, faux fur, I just love boots.  While still managing to be comfortable, they say I have some style.  I can wear them with pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, anything really.  I had some fabulous boots in my early 20’s that seemed to get a little too small and a little to dressy for my early mom years.  I didn’t know having kids would make your feet swell to a larger size.  So after hauling the boots around the country for many years, I finally got rid of them.  Sadly, within a year of doing so, my feet miraculously seemed to go back to their original size.  Darn it!! 

Now I’m back into heels.  LOVE THEM!  The higher the sexier.  As I’ve transitioned back into wearing true heels, not the little-barely-there heel, I had to go through a couple weeks of blisters on my toes.  I would wear them a few days, then heal for a few days in flats.  Wear them a few more days with bandaids, then heal for another few days.  But as I slowly remembered how to wear and walk in these fun shoes, the pain has gradually subsided.  Not only are they affecting the way I feel about myself, but I notice others notice too. 

First, I noticed how they affect others when I would watch my friend Tina.  About 90% of the time she wears 4″ heels to work.  They make people pay attention.  Of course she’s hot, so I figured that was why they paid attention, but I’m starting to feel that her shoes have something to do with the attention she gets as well.  When I would walk around campus in my flats, I was invisible.  When Tina joined me, all eyes were on her….again, I’m sure it has something to do with as hot as she looks, but I’ve noticed when she wears her 4″ heels that make her super tall, she turns heads more often than when she wears her flip flops.  So I have taken cues from her, and at her (and my husband’s) insistence, I purchased some 3 1/2″ heels, and one pair of 5″ heels.  Of course I don’t wear the 5″ heels to work (not yet anyway), but as I said above, I have been wearing the others quite often.  Guess what….people notice.  When I am walking around campus now, even without Tina.  I have observed that people notice.  Amazing what shoes can do.

Then last weekend my friend Lori called me in a panic.  Her boyfriend purchased concert tickets for her and surprised her a few hours before the concert.  So we made a mad dash together to go clothes shopping to find her something to wear.  Not only did we find her something to wear, but we found her some fabulous heels as well.  But she hesitated to buy them.  She didn’t think her boyfriend would like her in heels, because it would make her taller than him.  I told her (in a nice way) that she was crazy.  I told her, “Men LOVE heels.”  She gave me a doubtful look.  I told her to buy them anyway.  The worse that would happen was she would have a nice pair of shoes for work.  She bought them.  They were so fabulous that I couldn’t resist and bought a pair too.  😉

The next day as she was telling me about the concert, she said her boyfriend couldn’t stop commenting about her shoes.  As it so happens, he LOVED them.  I never doubted he would.  I guess I’ve just come to realize something that most men have always known….some shoes can turn a woman from ordinary to fabulous…even in jeans.

I started this blog after Lori’s excitement over her boyfriend’s reaction, but wasn’t sure where to take it.  Until tonight, when I received a message from an old friend.  I worked with Mark 13 years ago when I lived in Colorado.  A truly wonderful guy.  He wanted me to give him a call and said he had a proposition for me.  My husband didn’t mind, and so I had to follow through with my curiousity to see what sort of proposition I could be getting from half way across the country.  It turns out that he has a brand new pair of Prada heels he purchased for his ex-girlfriend.  My size.  He hasn’t been able to sell them and being that he enjoys reading my blog (Thank you Mark!!!) and read my blog “Soul Shopping“, he decided he wanted to give me this extraordinarily expensive pair of designer shoes.  ME!!!  His ex-girlfriend must have been stupid to leave such a wonderful guy.  Yes I have to remember there are two sides to every story.  But I can’t believe anything bad about Mark other than the fact that he is in a dangerous job.  So I am flabergasted and honored that someone has enjoyed my blog so much as to honor me with such a generous gift.  Yes, I guess it must be fate since they are my size.  Again, thank you so very much Mark, and thank you for helping me wrap up this blog.  🙂


3 comments on “The Power of The Shoes

  1. Those are so cute! I’m jealous! I wore my heels to church yesterday morning and then to my grandparents house for Easter lunch. Every female commented on my shoes! I love them! And they didn’t hurt 1/4 as bad yesterday as they did at the concert. I did have to take them off though for the egg hunt. The heel sunk all the way into the soft ground and I almost had a heart attack. Thought the heel broke!

  2. Yes, heels do make a statement. I only WISH I COULD wear them again, not just the 1/2″ ones that are comfortable. My old feet just won’t allow it any more. But — nice Blog, Kris.

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