Another New Step

My awesome, athletic friend, Tina has turned into an exercise nut this year.  Of course she has good reasons, and it is working out very well for her.  It’s working out well for me too.  I am the person that lacks motivation for working out.  I have several exercise DVD’s, a Wii Fit, weights, dumbells (no I’m not referring to my family) and a bike at home.  But what I don’t have at home is motivation to use the items I have.  What motivates me?  A coach.  Ok “so join a gym” you may say.  Again, I lack motivation to GO to a gym on my own. I need a coach just to get me there.  That’s where Tina’s enthusiasm for fitness has worked out well for me.  She motivated me to try her bootcamp.  After just one class, I saw how effective it was, and I couldn’t just sit around and do nothing.  So I convinced my friend Lori to start working out at an easier level with me (sorry Tina…I’m just not at your level – YET).  So Lori and I went to a (slightly) easier bootcamp class close to home, then we gravitated to the easiest, most cost-effective workout….my DVD’s.  It’s funny, but just having another adult in the room with me when I workout gives me just the little push I need to not half-ass everything (now I only cheat a little). 

This week Lori and I really decided to hit the DVD routine all the way on Monday.  There are three parts to the DVD, and we did all three.  Tuesday Lori wasn’t able to walk.  Actually what she said to me was that she wasn’t able to MOVE.  I felt fine.  Ironically I was disappointed that I felt fine.  Why?  Why would I want to be in pain?  I know why – because being in some pain would mean that I did actually work my muscles.  Is it weird that when I started to finally feel my leg muscles at the end of the day it made me happy?  Well it did.  I am even happier that today I feel more muscles aching.  Yeah, I know….it’s sad.  But anyway, I know that means I have to do it again tonight while I still hurt.  I have Tina’s voice in my head cheering me on. 

So this little bit of motivation that is surging through my body today made me do something I don’t know if I will regret or not.  Tina asked me to do the  Women’s Half Marathon with her this September.  Now of course running is definitely out.  The arthritis in my knees (yes it’s a real diagnosis not a cop-out) just won’t have it.  That was my first question…”Running?”  She replied, “Walking.”  I don’t know why it’s so easy to cave to this peer pressure.  Is it that she’s just such a good friend or is it that it’s “good peer pressure” (as in good for me)?  But I said yes without thinking much about it.  It’s a half marathon.  I can walk five miles.  Tina laughed at me and said, “It’s not 5 miles….it’s 13.1 miles!”  Ok….13.1 miles.  So I’m an idiot, what do I know about marathons?  13.1 MILES!  Exactly what does that mean?  Have I ever walked 13.1 miles?  I really don’t know.  Maybe at an amusement park…between rides and snacks and breaks….13.1 miles?  But it’s WALKING.  Surely I CAN DO THIS.  I WILL do this. 

Bring it on!