Wait, What Are We Talking About?

Have you ever been a part of a conversation where your mind is thinking one thing, and the other person is actually talking about something else?  These conversations usually don’t turn out well.  They can be quite embarrassing, or they can actually be quite funny.  I had one such incident today.  Luckily, it was funny on my part, because the other person involved never knew where my brain was, and I was smart enough not to give myself away.  I just hope my face didn’t give me away.  So here’s the story.  Try not to think badly of me, and don’t read this to your kids unless you want to do some explaining.

First a background story.  I have an electric stapler on my desk.  My boss loves it and has been begging me to buy him one.  Since I control the budget in that category, he respects it when I say no.  Well this week, I found room in the budget to buy him an electric stapler.  When he was away from his office, I snuck it in and put it on his desk.  Then went to lunch.

As part of my newly adventurous spirit, there is a certain store in town that I have always wanted to venture into, but you cannot go there as a family, and when am I ever without my kids?  So today, I finally went there with my dear friend (you know who…but she doesn’t want to be mentioned ;)) on our lunch break.  We took a field trip of sorts.  A field trip for marital enhancements as she referred to it.  Love the terminology!!

Anyway, as I checked out, I asked for what is called an “incognito bag”.  After all, I had to take my purchase back to the office since I was stupid enough to forget my car keys at my desk (my friend drove), so I couldn’t have her drive me to my car to secure it there.  So I walked back into the office with my bag after lunch, tucked my purchase away and sat down to work.

Then my boss appeared with his lunch.  I playfully held out my hand and asked him what he got for me.  He excitedly replied, “Nothing compared to what you got me!”  My brain instantly went to the field trip.  Wait!!!!  Did she tell him where we went and what was purchased?!  Wait, what?!  He high-fived me and I said, “What did I buy you?”  Just then it hit me…. an electric stapler!!! DUH!!! 

Oh my face must have been priceless, but he was so happy for his stapler, I don’t think he noticed.  Thank God. It could have been a very embarassing, awkward moment in the office!  Instead I let out a sigh of relief and had to run to the restroom laughing at what no one saw take place.  But the moment was too priceless not to share.


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