Mommy’s Special Spot Remover

Ah another Mother’s Day is approaching.   A day where we honor our mothers, and for those of us who are blessed to be mothers, receive our own honor.  I am thankful everyday for my beautiful, healthy, fun-loving children.  So I don’t need a day to receive any special honor.  There is that male side to me speaking again, you know, the one that thinks it’s another scheme to get people to spend money and buy greeting cards.  I definitely love to honor my own mom, but I still feel it’s strange to be honored myself.  Especially when it comes to being honored by one’s spouse.  Is that really necessary?  Sure I love that my husband celebrates that I am the mother of his children, but I am the mother of “his children”….not his mother.  So why should he feel the need to do something special for me? My friend says because she thinks if my children had their way, they would buy Littlest Pet Shop toys for me just so they could have them to play with.  Funny, and most likely true.

But two years ago my husband did the funniest thing for mother’s day.  The most fabulous, funny, sweetest thing.  A few days before Mother’s Day, he started telling me that all I was going to get was a mop.  I laughed and told him he could kiss my ass.  He could tease me all he wanted, in my mind, a little homemade card from the kids and a few extra kisses would be sufficient.  But on Mother’s Day, my girls woke me up and crawled in bed with me.  He followed them into the room with a surprise.  A bucket.  But not just a bucket, a bucket full of cleaning supplies – sponges, a toilet brush, spray cleaner, you name it.  I looked at him and lovingly called him an asshole.  Really, it was said nicely.  But he told me to look at it.  I replied, “I am looking at it!” as I pulled out each item, naming what it was and tossing it on the bed.  That’s when I got to the little package at the bottom labeled, “Mommy’s Special Spot Remover”.  The kids beamed with pride.  My husband sat there grinning.  I laughed and had to fight back a tear.  As I opened the package, inside I found a beautiful purple tanzanite and diamond ring.  Purple and Diamond being my children’s birthstones.  Granted Virginia’s is amethyst, but it’s purple and close enough.  Once again, my non-romantic man blew my mind.  I think that’s his M.O. – keep everything non-romantic and on the low down so that when there is a moment like this once every few years, it is extra special.  He has a good thing going there….it works and I love him dearly for it.


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