Not Your Typical Girly Fascination

The other day, my daughter Virginia walked into the family room where my husband and I were and announced, “I’m bleeding.”  Of course I didn’t buy it for a second, because she said it with a smile on her face.  I didn’t even notice what she was talking about until my husband said, “What’s that on your face?”  Klara immediately chimed in, “Red marker!”.   Of course this was proceeded with some statements that were geared more to the ‘why would you put marker’ on your face variety.

Fast forward several days.

I went to tuck the girls in bed last night, and as Klara was shutting her closet door she cried out, “Oh no!” As I turned, I saw red splatter all over the carpet in her bedroom.  “WHAT is that?” I demanded.  Klara immediately jumped into defensive mode, “Virginia did it!”  Ironically it looked to me like Klara “did it”, because Virginia wasn’t in the room.  Within milliseconds Virginia was in the room and claiming that it was suppose to be in the bathroom.  “How does that make this better?” I asked in astonishment as if they were trying to justify this red “bloody” mess on the floor.  I noticed along side of the cup was a red marker.  So I listened as my girls explained to me how they had a brilliant plan to make fake blood.  Apparently this was the concoction that was on Virginia’s face a few days before.  Looked like marker on her face – didn’t look like marker on the floor.  And why blood?  Was I raising boys?  Girls aren’t suppose to want to do gross things like this!  But then again, Virginia did recently go to a sleepover where the girls gave themselves makeovers….the zombie kind.  Not what I would expect from a pre-teen girl.  She’s definitely unique.

So as my children kept passing the blame back and forth, they quickly got a lesson in cleaning carpets until 10:00 pm last night.  While they were scrubbing the carpet, my husband got home from work.  He came up to the bedroom and asked me what was going on.  As I explained it to him, I couldn’t help but add the fact that it really did look like blood.  Actually it looked like someone had slaughtered a small animal on the carpet.  (I should have taken a picture of the mess..but it looked something like the picture at the right.)  As I exclaimed how real it looked, I saw Virginia beam with pride at the fact that part of her chemisty project appeared to be a success.  I just pray that she doesn’t try to repeat it.  I don’t want to replace carpeting yet.


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