I’m Good At….

Turns out this subject is a can of worms in my household.  First let me say that I have been at a loss of things to write about for the past few weeks. My brain went on vacation mode as I prepared for my first trip out of the country. Then my brain struggled to come out of vacation mode. But now everything is back to normal as we proceed to get ready for the new school year that is almost upon us. Still what to blog about? Well I found my inspiration this evening.  As usual, it came from my children.

As the family sat together, me on Facebook, my husband and the girls playing Wii Draw, the girls started to make fun of Daddy’s “drawing” – if you could actually call doodling on a TV screen drawing.  First they teased him that he was a “good artist”.  Then Virginia told Daddy that his efforts were ok, as she announced she was good at drawing. Klara announced she was good at singing. As they joked back and forth about who was good at what, I chimed in and asked, “What about me? What am I good at?” Crickets.

That’s right, I asked my family to tell me what they think I am good at. I was curious to know what they thought.  I had already learned a few weeks ago that Virginia thinks I can’t sing. Her basis for that judgement; simply because she thinks she has never heard me sing. So in her world, if you don’t sing, you obviously can’t sing. Funny, that she doesn’t remember I used to sing to her constantly when she was little. Way beyond her knowledge was the fact that I was in my school’s show choir.  But moving on to the current debate.

So here I put the question before them, “What am I good at?”. Boy the answers that started flowing were hysterical. They started out with answers such as:

  • Cleaning
  • Being a good mom
  • Yelling at us, because you love us – Yeah I really loved this one!
  • Finding the best prices as shopping
  • Playing on the computer

Really??  So after these initial responses, I questioned them again, reminding them that these were not “talents”.   The list grew.

  • “You used to be good at drawing, but you don’t do it anymore, so…” – They forgot for a moment that I had drawn individual pictures of them.
  • Knitting – ok I can accept this one
  • Fixing things
  • Making furniture – because I made them a kid-size table when they were little.
  • Math and money

So I gave them even more grief at how little they knew me.  I asked my husband what I was good at.  He repeated knitting and chimed in to repeat what the kids said – originality please? I told them I was shocked that no one in this family knows ME!  I said they had better call my Mom, because she knows my talents better than anyone.  So then as they verbally threw things out to me to attempt to satisfy my answer, I told them to take what they just blurted out and write it down.  How in the world would I be able to make sense of them shouting out my so called talents at me.  Here is what the results were:

  • Writing – Yay – remember this blog???  😉
  • Decorating a house
  • Reading
  • A good architect – Really?  Based on what?
  • Sewing – I did happen to make a few quilts.
  • Halloween Makeup
  • Singing – Funny that Virginia wants to say this now; she still hasn’t heard me sing as far as she is concerned.
  • Training Dogs
  • Helping us when we are sick
  • Photography
  • Making a City – This was a funny one from Virginia – she is referring to my City on Facebook’s Cityville.  She thinks my city is “awesome”.  😛
  • Very Creative
  • The Best Typist in the World, and Can Type without looking! Cute Klara
  • Good Sense of Fashion
  • Great Sense of Humor
  • Has a Wonderful Way of Teaching Me and Virginia
  • Loves to Have People Around
  • So Sweet and Has So Many Friends
  • Crocheting – Not for 30 years 😉

And last but not least, my favorite answers:

  • Has a Way of Just Knowing Things
  • Awesome Mommy!
  • Cool
  • A Loving Person
  • Good at being you!
  • Best Mom Ever!

Well, I can’t really say the majority of these are talents, but then again I guess I didn’t ask them to list my talents, I asked them to list what I am good at.  I am truly blessed that my children think so much of me.

Virginia & Klara, I love you both dearly.  Thank you for helping me be the person you see.


5 comments on “I’m Good At….

  1. This is great. I going to ask my kids what they think I’m good at, even though I’m a little apprehensive about the responses I’ll get. But it seems like a good measuring tool: What impression am I making on my kids?

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