I Could Complain, But…..

Sometimes when life gives you lemons, it also makes the lemonade for you.  Something ordinary, yet so out of the ordinary happened to me and my friend Tina on our way home from work today.  We had just gotten off work and had gotten in her hot-as-an-oven car to head home.  Of course we were both tired of this day and ready for “Tuesday” to be over.  Then we hit the highway and slow traffic.  It was alright, I was the passenger today and just relaxing in the passenger’s seat, when a woman pulled up beside us and motioned to Tina that she had a flat tire.  Crap!  We were in the middle of rush hour on a four-lane highway.   There wouldn’t be a good place to pull over for a few miles. 

Now, I’m an advocate for following your intuition, and what was about to take place just made my argument for intuition even stronger.  Tina’s intuition told her to take the fork in the road that would take us onto the highway North of town – NOT our typical direction home.  But she said she knew of a gas station just an exit up off this highway that did have air for her tire.  Ok.  I’ll go with it.  As we pulled into the gas station, I took note of the police car at the pump.  Then I also noticed a few plain-clothed police officers wearing their vests labeled “Gang Unit”.  Well, I thought, at least we would be safe at this gas station. 

I didn’t expect to get out of the car and see a 100%, completely flat tire.  There was a nail in it.  It looked bad, and I didn’t have much hope for it.  Still, I refused to think negatively about the situation, and we went inside to get a can of fix-a-flat.  It didn’t work.  I made an off-handed joke to Tina that she should ask one of the police officers to help us.  So after a couple more minutes of frustration, she did.  Within minutes we were surrounded by half a dozen “Gang Unit” officers.  We joked and laughed and dripped in sweat in the 100 degree temps, as I watched them attempt different tactics to fix the tire.  

First the fix a flat was attempted.  Then the contents of Tina’s trunk were emptied as they attempted to pull out a jack to change the tire.  The jack was missing a part.  Then one of the officers started to mention the whereabouts of the nearest tire shop, but I heard another one say something about their tire repair person.  Before I knew it, and had a chance to realize what was going on, we were joined by two more gentleman.  I was dumbfounded when it turned out that they were tire repairmen.  Within minutes, the nail was removed from the tire, the tire was plugged up and it was refilled with air.  I’ll be *darn*.  Never in my life had I seen such service.  On any given “typical” day, we would have probably spent an hour waiting for a tow truck then another hour or two waiting for the tire to be removed from the car and fixed.  Perhaps Tina would have even been told her tire was no good and she had to purchase a new one.  But no, not today.  Today, with great intuition on Tina’s part, awesome dumb luck and of course a little firting, we walked away from a flat tire to a fixed tire in only 30 minutes. 

So we could have complained that we were soaked from sweating in the hot sun.  We could have complained that we got home 30 minutes later than we should have.  But I see no need to complain….instead I’m thankful, and I know Tina is as well.  I thank God for Tina’s fabulous intuition, and I really want to thank a few wonderful men, who took time out of their lives to stand in the blistering hot sun to help two grateful women.


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