The Insanity That is Parenthood

My children are slowly driving me insane.  Yet, I find it amusing that as I talk or write about the things they do that are pushing me over the edge, other parents provide me with feedback that indicates this is really the norm.  Why doesn’t anyone tell you these things before one signs on to be a parent? Sure kids are wonderful, sweet, loving, etc.  Then they grow older. Guess what – this unbelievable thing called hormones creeps in and will take your sweet little child over. At times it’s mild. Other times, they are unrecognizable. Have more than one child, and you add a whole new dimension to the insanity.

So if this is so normal, why doesn’t anyone tell you?  It’s an evil plot. I’m convinced parents that have been through it don’t share this info until it is too late, because they want everyone to suffer like they did.  So now as my innocent little babies turn into the devil’s spawn, I am slowly turning into the devil. I must be, after all, they are “my spawn”.

So why are people so eager to have kids? Well let me tell you why. Outside of the insane moments, I get the joy of watching two little girls grow and mature into responsible, adventurous, and yes, even caring young women. They make me prouder than anything I have ever accomplished on my own.  They entertain me more than any show I could watch on TV. But most importantly, they are teaching me about life and what life and love are really all about.

I hold onto the special moments so I can survive the chaotic ones, for I know they will pass.  I just hope I am left in one piece after their raging hormones chew me up and spit me out. I love you both dearly.    Oh, and Mom, I am sorry for anything and everything. I’m sure I wasn’t that different…even though I don’t think I was that bad.  I love you! 


3 comments on “The Insanity That is Parenthood

  1. We don’t talk about it because we don’t want others to think “bad” of us, like we are failing as parents and losing control. Truth is…everyone deals with it. It is normal and its sucks for now. In the end we will have great friends in our daughters. But for now, we can’t be their friends, we have to be their parents. AKA….THE DEVIL!

  2. You mean your parents didn’t “I hope you have 2 just like you!” When you were younger? Mine did, I didn’t have any children until my Mom removed the “Momma curse” 🙂

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