Bad Grades

My middle-schooler is very smart, yet this Halloween she is about to bring home her first bad report card.  Scary, right?!

How do I know this event is about to take place?  Well our school system has an online program that allows us to see our children’s grades.  This year, hers aren’t so hot.  What’s ironic is that her worst grade is in her favorite class.  So what does a parent do with this information?  I have addressed her grades to her throughout this semester, so she knows they aren’t going so well, yet she keeps thinking she will bring them up.  Instead, they continue to fall.  I don’t think the gravity of the situation will really sink into her head until she actually sees them on that piece of paper in front of her.  

I don’t believe her grades are the result of her not trying.  She does attend an advanced school, so more is required of her than would be at the school she would normally be attending.  But I don’t think she is trying as hard as she should be given that fact.  There were a few instances at the beginning of the year when she didn’t turn in homework and took zeroes, but we remedied that and it is no longer a continuing issue.  As a parent, I don’t know how to handle this situation.  I have mixed emotions about the whole thing.  She is highly sensitive, so I know she will be devastated.  So I don’t feel yelling at her or putting her down will help her; I fear that may kill her spirit and make her want give up.  Yes, she is that sensitive and emotional.  Should I let the natural law of consequences take place and hope for the best?  Maybe having bad grades on the first report card of the year could be a good thing.  Perhaps it will be the catalyst she needs to push harder for the remainder of the year.


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