Fill in the Blank Friday

What a day this is turning out to be.  Or maybe I should say two days.  After a good week (even with my husband being away in New York working on the set of 30 Rock), all the negative decided to finally hit last night and run into this morning.  First my dog ate my child’s school textbook. That will be expensive to replace.  We also found he ate a bunch of grapes (poisonous to dogs), so we are keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t get ill.  So far so good.  Then my children decided that this morning was the morning to take control of their own lives and do whatever they want, regardless of what mom says.  UUGGGHH!  So I am definitely ready for my dear hubby’s return. 
Anyway, on a positive note, it is still Friday, so here is another Fill in the Blank Friday from The Little Things We Do to pass the time.  🙂
1.   Something popular that I can’t stand/just don’t “get” is  wearing pajamas in public.  Has society gotten that lazy?
2.   Something unpopular that I secretly love is metaphysics.  Although it is become less of a secret. 
3.  When I’ve had a bad day I really appreciate the wonderful friends I have that will help me get through it.  You know who you are.  😉
4. I’d prefer  sitting by a bonfire or campfire to being on an expensive date  any day.
5.  Something that makes me nervous is amusement park rides.  Yes, what once didn’t bother me, nows scares the crap out of me.  Both when I ride them and/or when my children are  riding them, and I am just watching.  I guess I’ve heard of too many horror stories over the years.
6.  Something worth fighting for is love.  When you have the right person in your life, it’s ridiculous to let them go over petty differences.  Of course, if you know they aren’t right, then definitely let them go.  How do you know the difference?  Listen to your intuition.
7.  When people think of me, I hope they think they appreciate me for who I am and understand that no one is perfect.
Rest in Peace Steve Jobs – you were a great man, who changed our world.

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