Murphy is Visiting Again

What a week this is turning out to be.  Stupid Murphy’s Law is visiting me again.  A quick and brief run down of the week:

  1. I bought a new picture frame, my child stepped on it and broke it – hope they will let me exchange it.
  2. New car check engine light came on – back to the dealer it went for repairs.
  3. Dealer gave husband a rental for me – my name isn’t listed on it, but I have to drive it anyway (say a prayer).
  4. Husband had accident with new iPad – it was run over by a car.
  5. Husband lost cell phone – thank God some nice person found it and returned it to Verizon.
  6. Rental car had no gas in it when my husband picked it up….I didn’t find out until I was leaving for work this morning.
  7. My child informed me this afternoon that she hasn’t seen her cell phone since Sunday, so we spent the evening retracing our steps around town.  No luck.

And it’s only Wednesday.  God please send Murphy home before Friday…we have a great family adventure planned this weekend (it’s a surprise for the girls, so I can’t say what it is), and I want it to be nothing but Fun!!!!! – Oh and God, I’d like to have this adventure in MY car, not a rental.  😉  Thank you!


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