Sappy Kid Movies

It seems there is a constant barrage of kid romance movies out there. There always has been. In my day it was Sixteen Candles, the Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and so on. I loved those movies. I still do. As I grew older, I would just roll my eyes as I would watch these movies get re-written into different stories…different, but the same. I started to view all the newer versions as nonsense. After all, how could they compare to the movies I loved? But now I am starting to take notice.

My girls are now 11 and 9. Like any parent, I am trying to raise them up to be considerate, caring and compassionate. With all the questionable media out there today, I never stopped to think about the value of these movies. Last night, as I sat and watched “Geek Charming” on the Disney Channel with my girls, I saw the same old story surface once again. Popular girl and Geek boy collaborate on a common project, each with different expectations, yet in the end, the result is a learning experience for both — Actually a learning experience for all; including the viewer. Initially I wasn’t paying attention to the movie. It was just more teen remake nonsense to me. But then I started to notice the story line. At first it seemed familiar. Then it became different. It wasn’t just about two kids from different crowds falling for each other. It actually had a message. A message about differences. A message about friendships. A message about acceptance. And the message wasn’t hidden at all. In the end, the popular girl gave a speech about all these topics. It was directed at the school audience in the movie. But more importantly, it was directed at my girls. I was quite impressed. Values I work to instill in my children were being reinforced through popular media.

Thank you Disney Channel. I greatly appreciate the positive messages for kids that I see in your movies and shows. With so much sex, violence, and adult themes on television these days, which as an adult I have to admit I don’t mind for myself, it is a blessing to have a channel that promotes positive morals for my children; messages that are crucial at their current ages. Thank you.


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