My Deal with the Devil

No one ever told me that by making the choice to become I a parent, I would essentially be making a deal with the devil.  Perhaps it’s because they already did it too, and they want to suck everyone into their same hell.  Sure it starts out innocent enough.  Babies are sweet and cute.  Then….one day they are old enough to start wreaking havoc on your life.  That is when the Devil has won…and you are now paying for it for the rest of your life.

Today is one of those days.  My 11-year-old has discovered Rick Astley…a singer from the 80’s.  She LOVES him, and has two of his songs on her ipod…Never Gonna Give You Up and Together Forever.  She has been playing those two songs on repeat ALL DAY.  I am pretty sure I can say she has been playing them on repeat for a week now, but luckily, she usually has head phones on.  This week has been crazy, and today has been a culmination of the week.  For several days, I’ve been trying to get the kids to get their area of the house clean for Thanksgiving company.  As if that isn’t bad enough, they both have school projects that need to be completed before school tomorrow – and they haven’t started yet.  So now we are down to the wire.  Because I choose to pick my battles to keep my sanity, Rick Astley fills the atmosphere of my house, I feel like I’m in hell. 

Together Forever….

Hubby is on his way to Atlanta for work, after I dropped him off.  Back at home, the kids are still cleaning.  One child has taken it upon herself to declare she doesn’t want to do anything.

Never Gonna Give You Up….

Still at it.  I think they have been cleaning for two hours now.  Still a long way to go.

Together Forever….

Klara says she is done with her room, but doesn’t want to put her clothes away.  She says she needs “a break”.  I think the break she has taken all week should be sufficient.  So I gave her a break, by making her work on homework.  She declares she hates homework.  Who doesn’t?

Never Gonna Give You Up

Virginia says she is almost done, and she is amazed that it’s only noon and it hasn’t taken her all day.  No it didn’t take all day….it took ALL WEEK!  Klara says she is getting on the internet to research her speech.  Instead I catch her posting on Facebook.  Back to the bedroom with her to put clothes away!

Together Forever…

I make sandwiches for the kids, which puts me in the kitchen.  A proximity too close to their area, where I am subjected to the music at a much higher intensity.  The songs are starting to blur together in my head.  I explain to Virginia that some people go crazy by listening to the same thing over and over again.  She thinks I’m weird.  They head back to cleaning.  One homework assignment has been completed by Klara.  Her clothes still need to be put away.

Never Gonna Give You Up….

Are these really two different songs?  They keep playing and playing and playing.   Virginia announces her room is perfect.  Clothes are put away.  Klara is still working on her clothes.  We have to get to the library in an hour for both of them to write papers.  Thank God….I may actually get a break from these songs!

Together Forever…

I’m waiting for both girls to get dressed and ready to leave the house.  I am actually looking forward to going to the library in the rain. I need the peace and quiet.  I am starting to understand the whole Son of Sam barking dog thing.  It’s just the same sound over and over and over and over……you get the point.

Never Gonna Give You Up….

It has been almost five hours since the chores of the day began.  Klara still needs to put her clothes away.  We will be leaving shortly for the library.  I may be starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Wait…what do I hear….it’s a DIFFERENT SONG!  Praise the Lord!  Hallelujah!  I would say I’ve once again escaped the devil’s clutches, but I don’t want to jump the gun.  I still have to work on a speech with one child, and a paper and a website project with another child.  Homework…another form of Hell for parents.  Does it ever end?

By Kris Heaton Posted in Kids

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