This Too Shall Pass

Earlier this year, I was in an auto accident on my way into work.  The morning of the accident, I was in the best frame of mind anyone could possibly be in.  It’s funny, but I feel weird telling you how happy and at peace I was that morning.  Even after the woman behind me rear-ended my car, I didn’t have a care in the world.  I remember thinking it was such a beautiful day to be sitting on the side of the road, waiting for the police to come take a report.  I clearly remember my motto of the day:  This Too Shall Pass.  But for the woman who hit me, it wasn’t a good day at all.  She had a sad story.  She cried as she told me how she had just moved to town after recently getting divorced.  Her ex-husband had cancelled her car insurance on her, and she had just paid off her car.  Even though the damage to my vehicle was minor, the front of her car looked really bad.  I felt terrible for her.  I told her everything would work out, and I gave her a hug.  When the police officer pulled up, he probably didn’t know what to think.   After the police report was taken, I gave her my phone number and told her she could call me if she needed anything.  Then life proceeded as normal.

Today, when I received the mail, I had a letter from the state.  There is to be a hearing this coming February to determine if this woman will lose her license because she did not have insurance.  According to the letter, she requested the hearing.  The letter states:

 “You are being notified in order that you may attend this hearing to present any evidence, witnesses or statements you may wish to be entered into the official record.  Revocation action against the petitioner’s driving privileges may be withdrawn unless you appear at this administrative hearing and present sufficient information to establish a reasonable possibly of a judgment exists against the petition for the crash in question.”   It continued: “A decision and ruling on this crash will be based solely on the evidence and/or testimony of the parties present.  Action cannot be taken based only the crash report.”

So from what I interpret from this letter, I am being asked to testify against this woman so that her license is revoked. I do not want to do that to her.   I completely understand that it is the law that every driver has insurance.  Do I believe that it was an accident at the time that she didn’t have any?  Yes, I do.  Why shouldn’t I believe her?   She was the sweetest thing, in the saddest of predicaments that day.  I cannot, in good conscience, do something that will take her life down a more difficult path. 

So now I sit here trying to determine what course I should take.  I don’t want to participate in negatively changing someone’s life, when the issue at stake is minor and of little threat to anyone.  No I’m not sending anyone to the gallows, but taking their license away when they make one mistake is a big deal.  What about all those idiots on the road who are habitual traffic offenders and are still out there? 

I guess I have until February 2012 to figure out what to do.  What would you do?


3 comments on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. I’ve never left a comment on any of your previous stories but, if your quote is correct, I think that they are giving you the opportunity to address the court in her behalf if you wish. It also sounds like if you don’t appear that they might dismiss the revocation action against her.
    Tough call, I’d check with a lawyer for advice and if he indicates that an appearance by you and making a statement in her behalf might allow her to keep her license, I would consider doing so.

    • Thanks Mark. I am sort of under the impression that it may be to her benefit if I don’t show up. If that is the case, I guess I won’t show up. Assuming this is an honest mistake, everyone should be entitled to at least one. 😉

  2. Kris I really do not have any good advice, but I do have the biggest heart of all, so me being me, I would talk on this womans behalf, you will come up with something, i know you will, love you.

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