Fill in the Blank Black Friday

Well with the fun of company and the joys of Black Friday activities, I am a day late with this.  But at least I remembered!

1. Waking up at the break of dawn to go shopping is my idea of a holiday tradition. However, this year I am breaking tradition and skipping it.  I found the most important gifts I need online.  I will shop on Black Friday, but late in the day now. 

2. If I were to go shopping today I would be on the hunt for …I can’t tell. Then I’d be giving away all my gift ideas!

3. The best thing I ate yesterday was EVERYTHING!  Oh the perks to being married to a chef.  Thanksgiving dinner was traditional, but FABULOUS!  Thanks Babe!

4. Something I’ve been learning lately is I have to always remember to keep my ego in check.  The ego is what makes everyone think that everything that happens is about them and affects them.  In reality, hardly anything has to do with us, and it only affects us if we let it.  I am finding more peace by following this rule, but it is hard to remember it sometimes.

5. I cannot start my day without coffee. 

6. My nighttime attire consists of whatever I feel like wearing that night.  Usually PJ bottoms and whatever top seems to suit the temperatures outside.

7. I am looking forward to Monday – my birthday.  🙂  I may be turning the big 4-0, but something tells me I am entering the best part of my life. 😉


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